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Emergency Passport Processing just got faster with Urgent Passport Services!

(PRWEB) October 26, 2012

US Citizens are applying for second passports more and more frequently as the demands of global business travel increase. In the past, only a very small percentage of US passport holders knew they could apply for a second valid US passport. Now it is not only possible, but easy to get a second passport processed in as little as one business day.

The application process for a second passport is very similar to a passport renewal. A company named Urgent Passport Services specializes in processing second passports. The applicant simply prints the paperwork off of their website and completes the forms by hand, (a process that will take less than 30 minutes). Once the application is filled out they can either FedEx the paperwork to Urgent Passport Services or drop it off at one of their regional locations.

Urgent Passport Services guarantees all of their expedited passport services which range from 1 day processing out to 10 day processing. They even offer free return shipping with most of their services. It really is a fast and stress free way to get a second passport and make life much less hectic. Urgent Passport Services has taken a task with a reputation of complication, and created a new, easy, and highly useful system. The ability to gain passports and official secondary passports in such a short span of time is truly something worthy of celebration.

So what can a secondary passport have to offer someone? In some situations, those who travel internationally consistently may need to leave their passport with a consulate, in these situations one can remain free to travel without complication. Or maybe one has an Israeli stamp on their passport and needs to travel to an Arab country that doesn't allow entrance to passport holders with Israeli stamps. Also the difficulties created when one loses their passport in a foreign country will no longer threaten them.

Whatever the reason, getting a second passport is a smart and safe decision, and the process to get one has never been easier. Give Urgent Passport Services a call or visit their website to take a step toward safer and less stressful travel today.

Urgent Passport
230 S. Clark ST. # 222
Chicago, IL 60604

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