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Anthony Robbins, The Election and why for most Real Estate Agents it all Comes Down to the Bottom Line, by Avanti Way


While the rest of the nation was distracted with the Romney and Obama debates, Real Estate Agents were invited to Avanti Way to analyze and recharge their careers; because in the end, for most agents, it literally comes down to dollars and cents.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

True to its mission of changing the Real Estate Industry and inspiring agents to go beyond the norm, Avanti Way hosted its second Anthony Robbins Workshop on October 17, 2012, wherein agents analyzed what recurring habits and beliefs were really getting in the way of a more successful career. With the slower Real Estate months just around the corner – agents were asked to forget about Obama and Romney for an hour and concentrate on what really makes them successful (or unsuccessful) at what they do.

“Can some people still make money during bad times?” Asked Taylor Weiss, an Anthony Robbins Top Speaker, to the small crowd of agents that gathered at Avanti Way Headquarters on Wednesday Afternoon, most of which nodded ‘yes. “Can people not make money during great times?” Weiss asked again, and again, the answer was ‘yes'. So what makes one person more successful than another? According to Weiss, some people have Limiting Beliefs that literally “limit” their goals and expectations, while others have Empowering Beliefs that help them face even the challenging times with a different point view.

“We've seen an amazing amount of new agents come on board this year,” explains Andres Korda, Co-Founder of Avanti Way Realty, one of the leading Technology-centered Real Estate Firms in South Florida. “And what we've seen first-hand is that not all agents are mentally motivated to face this business with the right attitude.”

“As part of their Avanti-U training, agents are asked to complete a unique Real Estate Assessment we licensed from a top research company.” Added Enrique Teran, Co-Founder of Avanti Way, “It helps us take a good look not just at the agent's sales knowledge, but also at their Personality and Emotional Quotient: do they have the right listening skills, the right emotional resilience? All of these things are just as important as knowing how to handle an MLS Search.”

While most of the nation is focused on the Presidential Debates, there are a good number of Real Estate Agents currently reanalyzing their business model and sales strategies, trying to make 2013 a year worth counting. Avanti Way is capitalizing on this new mindset as the innovating brokerage firm concentrates its 2013 focus back onto their own agents.

“We are really one of the fastest-growing companies in South Florida, literally doubling our numbers per year with a multimillion-dollar sales volume, and though that's great as a company,” Adds Korda, “it also means that we are now Business Partners with a lot more agents who require more mentoring, more of our time and support, which we are more than happy to do, but it does force us to analyze what is the real difference between a successful agent and someone who is barely making ends meet. That's why we want 2013 to really be the year that most of our agents blow it out of the water!”

“We've gotten ex-Keller William Agents who look at our commission splits and tell us that a good number of the producers that are attracted to the KW brand because of their ‘commission cap' would really be shocked to discover just how much more money they could be saving with us.” Interjects, Teran. “And we might just go out and knock on more of those doors during 2013, but in all honesty, before we keep doubling our size, I want to know that we've made a real difference with the agents we already have. Successful agents are the best kind of marketing.”

“2013 is going to be an amazing year, the Miami Real Estate market is really booming, and there is really no excuse for not being able to capitalize on that in the months to come.” States Korda, “Unless you really don't belief in yourself as an agent, unless you really don't want to take the actions that will give you those results. And that's ok too, not everyone is cut out for Real Estate. But isn't it great to be working with a Real Estate Partner that can help you see that at the beginning and not two wasted years down the line? And those that really want it, we're here to work with them, mold them, inspire them! With our amazing technology, our competitive commission plans and their passion, the sky is truly the limit.”

As an additional “inspiration” incentive, Avanti Way raffled two Admission tickets to Anthony Robins' upcoming Unleash the Power Within Weekend in Orlando, November 1-4, 2012, with a total retail value of well over three thousand dollars.

“The reality is that to a Real Estate Agent, it's all about the bottom line. If Avanti Way's cutting-edge technology and one-on-one entrepreneurial coaching don't translate into at least one more sale a year… then it doesn't make sense for them to change over, no matter how wonderful our marketing makes us sound. And that's the truth.”

Avanti Way is still the only Real Estate Firm in the nation where agents and clients can upload escrow deposits simply by taking a picture of the check and where commission payments can be printed right from the agent's home.

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