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Graham Rehabilitation Center Introduces Dr. Jaime Mayr


Seattle holistic center welcomes new doctor to its team of providers.

SEATTLE, Washington (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness Center announces the addition of Dr. Jaime Mayr to its esteemed staff. In keeping with Graham Rehabilitation's commitment to holistic healing, Dr. Mayr believes in finding and treating the root cause of a problem and educating patients on managing the problem to avoid future flare-ups.

Since 1992, Graham Rehabilitation Center ( has provided rehabilitative care in a variety of disciplines using a holistic approach. Graham Rehabilitation provides holistic healing approaches to physical therapy, naturopathy, chiropractic work, and therapeutic massage.

“By providing specific therapeutic treatments, nutritional advice, personalized exercise protocols and a variety of ongoing educational tools, our center proliferates wellness,” Graham Rehabilitation Center's Dr. Brian Graham states. “Unfortunately, our bodies didn't come with an owner's manual, so many of us need instruction to prevent pain and disease and to maintain wellness.”

Dr. Mayr holds a doctorate from the University of Southern California with an emphasis in physical therapy. Among the many areas for which she'll provide help are:

  •     Sports injuries—Depending on the type of energy, a combination of therapeutic massage and strengthening exercises can help a patient with a sports injury heal. Dr. Mayr will also work to educate patients on stretching exercises that can help prevent injuries during future athletic activities.
    Orthopedic injuries—Similar to sports injuries, orthopedic injuries often affect major joints like the hip or knee. Dr. Mayr works with patients to help strengthen the affected area and gradually improve range of motion. Ice may be recommended to reduce swelling and speed up healing.     Neurological conditions—Neurological issues can present a challenge, but through relaxation techniques and brain exercises, Dr. Mayr is able to lessen symptoms and help the patient begin to see improvement.     Ergonomic issues—Most people spend far too much time sitting at a computer, often with incorrect posture. Dr. Mayr can help the patient understand preventive measures, while promoting healing through strengthening exercises. Even such measures as changing your desk chair to one that promotes better posture and buying special equipment like an ergonomic keyboard and mouse can make a big difference.     Post-operative patients—After an operation, patients usually want to get back to full capacity as quickly as possible. Dr. Mayr can help patients learn strengthening exercises that can reduce pain and promote fast, long-lasting healing.


Located conveniently in downtown Seattle near Pioneer Square, Graham Rehabilitation Center allows Washington residents to find the latest holistic approaches without driving long distances. The doctors at Graham Rehabilitation can help patients correct slumped posture, lower back pain, and headaches.

For more information on Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness, visit the center's Facebook page or call (206) 622-9001.

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