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Bay Management Group Advocates Tenant Background Checks


To avoid costly evictions, damage to the reputation and potential liability, Bay Management Group recommends landlords not to neglect the background checks of tenants and property maintenance personnel.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

In the light of the recent spike in evictions and rental crime in several rental complexes across the country, Bay Management Group encourages landlords to conduct thorough background checks of their potential tenants.

According to the report from Newark Advocate, an owner of a realty center in Newark, Ohio, stated that he has conducted more evictions in the past 12 months than he did in the last 20 years.

At the same time, a designated city housing task force of Bellville, Ill., is pushing a regulation that would require local landlords to conduct mandatory background checks of their tenants.

“As a Baltimore property management company, we always perform background checks before renting or leasing a property and recommend that local landlords do not neglect this important step, considering the crime rate in Baltimore City,” shared Patrick Freeze, the owner of Bay Management Group.

He went on to explain that a background check can include many different factors, such as credit history, rent history, references and criminal records, the latter being one of the most important. A person with a long criminal history that includes theft, substance abuse or public disturbance is unlikely to be a good tenant and has the potential to endanger local residents.

“Of course, no one should be denied residency based on the criminal history alone,” pointed out Freeze. “A landlord or a property manager has to think not only what's good for them, but also how it benefits or hurts the community.”

In the case of a Forest Hill apartment complex in Bellville, Ill., tenants with criminal past might not be breaking the law per se, but their behavior and people they bring into community make other residents feel unsafe.

Freeze added that while tenants found in violation of the contract or law can be evicted, the eviction procedure is lengthy and associated costs can add up. “It's better to find a good tenant the first time than go through eviction and lose money on cleaning, damaged property and a vacant apartment,” said the owner of Bay Management Group.

Besides potential legal issues, a poorly selected tenant can turn out to be a scam artist targeting the landlord. According to a recent report, a Federal Hill apartment in Baltimore, Md., has been rented out by a former tenant to two unsuspecting residents who each signed the lease and paid the first month of rent.

As one landlord pointed out in an interview for the Newark Advocate, many landlords don't care about who they rent to, as long as the tenant keeps paying the rent. “I think this is a bad approach and a fast way to fall out of grace with the community and ruin your reputation as a landlord,” shared Freeze.

He also pointed out that besides screening tenants, “it's a good idea to screen contractors hired to perform repair or maintenance on the property with a temporary access to tenants' belongings,” and added that as a Baltimore property manager he takes responsibility over the safety of his tenants.

According to a recent San Antonio police arrest warrant affidavit, a maintenance man hired by an apartment complex management company was accused of and later confessed in stealing from a tenant. Similar negligence in background checking can cause a landlord all sorts of trouble from a bad reputation to liability.

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