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Intellinx Releases Employee Fraud Solution Version 5


The new Intellinx solution includes broadened pre-packaged rule set for the banking industry, based on implementations at over 100 institutions worldwide.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Intellinx Ltd., the innovative leader in enterprise fraud prevention, announced today the release of the Intellinx Employee Fraud (IEF) Solution Version 5, which includes widened pre-packaged rules for the financial industry.

"Intellinx is the most widely used insider fraud solution in the industry, with over 100 implementations worldwide,” says Intellinx CEO and co-founder Orna Mintz-Dov. "Leveraging our extensive deployment experience in the financial industry, we are continuously gathering and analyzing new fraud patterns and applying them to widen our set of pre-packaged rules."

"A bank deploying Intellinx can activate the pre-packaged rules at installation and start detecting insider fraud immediately; saving considerable implementation time and resources and reaping immediate business benefits," adds Mintz-Dov.

IEF Version 5 is generally available and is currently being deployed at two of the top 20 US banks.

The Intellinx Employee Fraud Solution provides a unique approach to data capture: while other solutions rely on the organization to provide data for analysis (usually from log files), Intellinx offers a wide range of methods for data capture including a unique patented "sniffing mechanism" that collects all user activity on the corporate applications. The collected data can be used for forensic investigations and for detecting fraud schemes in real-time.

Since Intellinx analyzes genuine user behavior, it provides more accurate results than log-based analysis, and often alerts to fraud even before actual money or data has been stolen. The Intellinx agent-less, non-intrusive sniffing mechanism also minimizes the need for lengthy ETL processes typically associated with log data analysis.

The pre-packaged rules can be easily customized and additional rules can be added to address specific risks and business processes. IEF is part of the Intellinx Enterprise Fraud Management Suite and natively integrates with the Intellinx Enterprise Case Manager, which is built on the same Intellinx platform.

IEF Main Offerings:

Pre-package rules based on Extensive experience in insider fraud protection - Intellinx is the most widely used insider-fraud solution in the industry, implemented at over 100 companies and financial institutions worldwide.

Visual replay - Complete visibility into end-user activity is provided with visual replay of every screen, keystroke and flow of screens on applications across all major platforms. All user actions are visible, including "update" and "read-only" actions.

Complete Audit Trail - Intellinx records all user activity in real-time 24x7, not only events detected as suspicious. This is crucial for making end-users accountable for their actions. Regardless of whether appropriate rules are in-place at the time of an event, post-event replay enables forensic investigation at a later time.

Cross Platform Search including Legacy - Intellinx tracks user activity across all major platforms including legacy systems; enabling investigators to search for any specific value displayed on the user screen across multiple platforms, using one simple query interface. The Intellinx rules track business processes across different platforms. For example, Intellinx can track a process that begins on a mainframe, continues on a client-server application and ends on a web-based application.

User Behavior Tracking at the Application Level - Intellinx is the only available solution that analyzes user activity at the application level (not the network level). The Intellinx rules track all user keystrokes and flow of screens accessed by the user, detecting the relevant business process, including all fields accessed or updated. This information is correlated in real-time with the activity of other end-users, previous activities and other variables.

Fully Customizable - The pre-packaged rules can be customized to fit the scenarios and risks of a specific organization, with new rules added as needed.

Seamless Integration with the Intellinx Enterprise Case Management Solution - IEF V5 can be fully integrated with the Intellinx Enterprise Case Management Solution, a leading solution for creating and managing cases of suspicious activity. Both solutions are based on the same Intellinx platform.

About Intellinx

Intellinx Ltd. is the innovative leader in enterprise fraud management, providing protection from internal and external fraud and data theft committed by legitimate end-users. Intellinx captures application data directly from the corporate network providing a detailed forensic audit trail of all end-users with unparalleled visibility into user activity. Intellinx detects fraud attempts in real-time with powerful analytics based on genuine behavior profiling. Intellinx is ranked #1 solution for Insider Fraud by several analyst firms. The Intellinx patented, agent-less technology imposes no risk or overhead to the organization and enables seamless compliance with government regulations (including PCI, GLBA, FACTA Red-Flags, Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II). Intellinx serves over 100 large and medium sized financial, healthcare, government and telecom organizations worldwide.

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