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Pain Management DR Scottsdale, Introduces Vertebroplasty to Treat Chronic Pain


Dr. Sham Vengurlekar is a top pain management DR located in Scottsdale, Arizona and has begun to offer vertebroplasty in addition to his list of services in relieving chronic pain.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Dr. Sham Vengurlekar, known as Dr. V., is a top pain management DR located in Scottsdale, due to his dedication in treating conditions that are associated with chronic pain. This is a challenging field of medicine to work in, and requires innovative practices and constant research of conditions. Thankfully, doctors like Dr. V. are raising the efficiency of patient care by utilizing the newest procedures possible. By implementing minimally invasive procedures like Vertebroplasty, Dr. V. is seeing direct results in improving chronic pain conditions. Patients don't have to worry about managing their pain anymore. They can actually relieve their pain through Dr. V's procedures, which give them completely new and improved qualities of life.

This accomplished pain management DR in Scottsdale, Arizona is changing people's lives with his ground breaking techniques. By utilizing the newest research and procedures, Dr. V. is renewing hope with patients suffering from chronic pain conditions. A vertebroplasty is a procedure used for compression fractures that occur in the vertebrate. These can exist from many different things, but typically are a result of trauma or osteoporosis. This treatment is one of the only ways that patients have felt relief from pain associated with these conditions.

Dr. V. performs vertebroplasty to improve the structural integrity of the spinal cord. By inserting a small needle in the affected vertebrate, the patient can feel immediate relief of their painful condition. This needle is placed directly in the fractured vertebrate to stabilize this bone. This outpatient procedure generally takes no longer than half an hour, and patients can walk out of the clinic immediately following the treatment. Many people find these outpatient procedures helpful because they are mildly invasive, and only have a few side effects with minimal risks. These treatments are geared to improve the pain associated with these conditions, and immediately have patients back in the routine of their everyday lives.

Dr. V. is a top pain management DR in Scottsdale because of his dedication to low risk procedures. The only other way a patient can feel relief in most chronic pain conditions is through risky open surgeries. In these surgeries the patient must be fully sedated, which increases the possibility for surgical complications. Luckily, there is a pain management specialist that is focused more on treatments that are mildly invasive as well as cost effective. Patients that are suffering from chronic pain like the options that Dr. V. can provide through his reduced risk procedures.

As a pain management DR in Scottsdale, Dr. V. is a pinnacle member of the community. His reputation precedes his practice in Arizona as he is recognized as one of the top pain management doctors throughout the world. Through his training, and dedication to treating chronic pain, Dr. V. has helped return many people back to their daily lives pain free. This doctor remains a top pain management DR in Scottsdale through his innovative techniques, and determination to treat his patient's chronic pain conditions.

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