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Entrepreneurs, Worldwide Laud Over the List-Building Capabilities that this Newest Software Offering Provides, but Does it Truly Deserve All These Unsolicited Accolades


Squeeze Ninja is a powerful new self-hosted, web based, solution for the budget-minded entrepreneur, seeking to capture more targeted leads.

Minden, NV (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Leading US based marketing software and applications developer MemberSpeed Inc, recently launched SqueezeNinja, a new self-hosted web based software solution marketed to small and medium sized business owners, seeking a cleaner, more complete, lead capturing technology. Since its release, it has received almost unanimously favorable reviews, which is uncharacteristic of the often-jaded online marketing software consumer.    

“We took quite a risk”, Jeremy Gislason, CEO and cofounder of MemberSpeed Inc., begins to explain, “so we are obviously ecstatic about the positive reception we're enjoying!”

UK based, MemberSpeed cofounder Simon Hodgkinson elaborates: “SqueezeNinja, turned out to be both an expensive but rewarding experience for us here at MemberSpeed. The software not only exceeded our expectations, but clearly, by the virtue of its ease-of-use, it has become incredibly popular.

When asked if either of them expected a homerun with this software, Jeremy gave the following response: “You see, Simon and I are not only software developers. Primarily, we're online marketers, like many of our customers. Thus we often find ourselves consuming many of the same marketing software products, they use. However, fortunately, we are in the position of enlisting our programming team at MemberSpeed to create the software we'd like, but can't find”.

“We knew at the outset that a better solution to this problem would have broad appeal, our only concern was if our programmers could actually truly deliver ‘the goods', when our competitors clearly hadn't been able to yet!”

“ So yes, while the process went over budget, and took longer than we expected, both Simon and I knew we had a winner, the first time we tested it!”

When asked to explain the solution they were shooting to solve more thoroughly, Hodgkinson offered this: “The adage, ‘the money is in the list' is often overused online, however, building an email list still remains the key to successfully building brand recognition online! Entrepreneurs have known for a long time that the most efficient, cheapest, and effective method for promoting a brand has hinged on its ability to capture the personal contact information of many leads. The preferred vehicle for capturing leads is the squeeze page, but its job doesn't end until the lead's personal information is stored for use, and the valuable incentive has been delivered.

It's an entire system, one that is very complicated!

In the past setting up such a system could be very confusing and time consuming, taking hours for even the most advanced marketers to master. In addition, you continually need to test and tweak your squeeze pages, forcing anyone wishing to expand their global reach to exert incredible amounts of energy.

Our goal was to economically automate squeeze page generation further than any other company had yet provided. To do this, we needed to streamline the entire process and automate everything to the point where anyone regardless of their experience could pump-out entire squeeze systems from start to finish in minutes rather than hours.

We knew this was a big project because we knew all of the competition either lacked true automation, or was severely cost prohibitive. “We owe our programmers a debt of gratitude for giving us the ability to over-deliver on all of these accounts!

The team at Squeeze Ninja is capable and prepared to help anyone realize their list building goals through the core SqueezeNinja software, its step-by-step video training, and the type of winning customer service, people have come to expect from MemberSpeed. The Squeeze Ninja total customer satisfaction guarantee includes easy installation, setup, activation, and a money-back guarantee.

Early adopters of this program are also enjoying lifetime upgrades to the product, which undoubtedly adds to it overwhelming appeal. For more information on this software, and its additional features or benefits visit SqueezeNinja's homepage.

Please direct any specific additional inquiries to either Jeremy or Simon:
Memberspeed Inc.
2248 Meridian Blvd Suite H
Minden, NV United States
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