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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Microsoft is finally taking its place alongside Apple and Google with the release of Windows 8. The new operating system will claim its piece of the market share next to the current iPad, the up and coming mini iPad, and the Android tablet. The ultimate goal is to drive a new class of PCs that cater to convenience and mobility.

Initial Windows 8 reviews point to the fact that the operating system offers new innovations while being reliable and functional. Many testers and analysts gave positive reviews of the new Metro interface. Metro gives Windows 8 touch functionality that can compete in the marketplace with other systems which have been out for several years now. Thanks to the touch functionality and apps that have been optimized for Metro, Windows 8 is prepared to handle mobile and portable devices.

The new Windows 8 Metro interface is specifically designed for app developers. According to a recent analytic study on the Windows 8 app marketplace, there have been 4,523 applications created for Windows 8 by top developers. The apps have been submitted over a period that extends from September 22 of this year to October 23. The statistics were recently posted on the Windows 8 Apps Catalog.

The analysis groups the top developers into four categories which include the top developers by lifetime app count and the top developers by 30 days app count. This portion of the analysis ranks the developers according to the number of apps developed by each and the popularity of each app.

The other two categories refer to the popularity of the apps by lifetime and by popularity within the last 30 days. This portion of the study includes the number of popular apps created by the developer and the popularity of apps included in the app count.
According to the study, the top two apps as of yesterday are SkyDrive which is a cloud storage and sharing application and Music Amp which is an advanced music player for Windows 8. SkyDrive had a popularity rating of 359 with 420 votes and Music Amp received 603 votes with a rated popularity of 619.

Other top apps as of yesterday include Bubble Star which is a bubble shooting game and BallStrike which is a reality fitness game that allows you to use your PC's camera to burn calories by using twisting, kicking, and other body motions to get the balls to explode. Bubble Star had a popularity rating of 223 out of 246 votes and BallStrike had a popularity rating of 211 out of 179 votes.
Also, in February of this year, Microsoft Developers Network announced the winners of the First Apps Contest for Windows 8. One of the top apps in the contest was Elements Weather Forecast created by Andrei Pushkin and Dima Suponau of Jujuba Software.

Elements Weather Forecast is a comprehensive app that places reliable weather information at your fingertips. Accurate 7 day weather forecasts are provided for any location in the US or around the globe. You also have access to 3-6 hour forecasts which offer just the right amount of details to help you plan your day. The current location (GPS) feature will automatically update the app with your location and will show weather forecasts anywhere you travel.

According to Andrei and Dima, it is important to start creating apps for Windows 8 right now since the platform is very stable and usable. It will not be long before millions of people will be installing Windows 8 and all users will be looking for apps that offer convenience and functionality.

You can follow the ongoing analysis on Windows 8 app marketplace by logging onto the apps page on the Windows 8 Review website.

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