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Glen Thiessen of Transition Planning, Inc. Discusses Secrets Of Divorce and Shares His Trade Secrets About Handling Divorce Procedures


All ears were glued to the radio sets when Glenn Thiessen returned for an interview on the Brashenomics Radio Show. Glen discussed the secrets to a well thought out Divorce Proceeding.

Sammamish, Wa (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Glenn Thiessen, CEO of Transition Planning, Inc., recently was interviewed on the Brashenomics Radio Show, where he discussed the different ways he gets involved with the various phases of Divorce. Radio show Host, Ben Brashen, made sure to address all of the relevant issues for the listening audience.

Glenn explained how to deal with “Divorce Realization”, which is the first time that both parties realize, discuss, and have agreed to seek a Divorce. This can be a pretty rough time, but can be settled in an amiable manner, though oftentimes it becomes a battle of attorneys. The two main issues that are contested are always Custody and Money.

The child custody issue is more emotional, and the money issue is more rational, as in..... who gets what? If both parties are in sync with a transition planner like Glenn Thiessen, all of the Physical Assets and Financial Considerations can be equitably settled. If the parties want to fight, the party who has a transition planner on their side will always fair better, as they have the guidance of a professional that is not emotionally involved. Cooler heads they say.

During the interview, Glenn was asked to address the economic aspects of Divorce in terms of Pre-Divorce and Post-Divorce. He stressed the important issues needing attention pre-divorce, and how these decisions and choices need to be followed up, and carried through the post-divorce phase. Glenn says it is all about making informed decisions, which Host Ben Brashen agreed with.

As the radio show progressed, Glenn explained that the minute a person realizes that a Divorce was imminent, they should make plans to get in touch with a Transition Planner like Glenn. This is the only way to safeguard financial resources that can be decimated by the divorce proceeding. Planning needs to begin at he first sign of Divorce, and better yet, at the time of the marriage.

The importance of being able to carry on into the future is very much part of this divorce transition process. Custody is one part, but division of assets is what will determine how financially strong a person will be when they finally take those last steps into a new life.

Glenn went on to explain how the divorce process can be a transition into happier times. A time when both parties are free to pursue whatever makes them happy, and to explore the possibilities of finding a new mate. The folks that keep their heads, and don't succumb to emotions, will always emerge in better shape....both emotionally and financially.

Please visit the Transition Planning Website for more helpful information.

About Transition Planning, Inc.
Transition Planning, Inc., was founded by Glenn Thiessen in order to provide comprehensive financial planning services. During life's transitions, such as: Divorce, Illness, Senior Care, Marriage, Disability, and all other times when financial planning makes sense, he wants to be there to assist in the decision making process. Glenn is also a Licensed Insurance Professional, and stands ready to review your various coverages.

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