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The Inventor of the Steam Cured Epoxy Sewer Liner Launches State-of-the-art Smartphone Friendly Website


Formadrain, the leader in no dig sewer lining since 1994 and the inventor of major innovations such as steam curing and a liner with a 60-day pot life, has done it again with the first-ever fully responsive website for a no-dig system manufacturer...

(PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Montreal, Canada: Since 1994 Formadrain has been leading the way in the development of no-dig (trenchless) technologies. To showcase this excellence of infrastructure engineering, Formadrain has launched a new state-of-the-art website highlighting its tremendous products and achievements.

The company's "cured-in-place-pipe" (CIPP) epoxy liner is one of the strongest and most reliable in the world, especially in conjunction with steam curing, which Formadrain invented.

For more than 18 years the company has been a system of choice in effecting repairs to crumbling waste water infrastructures of North American cities: Their epoxy-based, pulled-in-place, steam cured repair system that can be affected without the tremendous expense and inconvenience of traditional trenching repairs, has led to over 155 miles of Canadian and American sewer mains and pipes being easily rehabilitated without digging. Formadrain continues to make a significant annual investment into research and development of its proprietary no-dig technologies and has expanded its network of licensees across North America.

The new site has a number of features:

1. The site makes use of responsive technology allowing the site to configure itself easily to mobile users without need of a special low-end mobile site. This works by the smart phone or tablet browser interacting with the site software to display webpages at the correct screen size for the device. The technology is flexible in that both structure and style can change to make it as easy as possible to access and view pages and text e.g. background and text colors change or are even removed as needed to ensure maximum legibility. This makes for a much better browsing experience for mobile users.

2. The latest slider technology is incorporated into the site that allows users to access corporate and product-related videos directly from the slider.

3. The site uses search engine and user-friendly navigation to allow easier access to information on Formadrain and its products.

4. There are multiple photo and video pages showcasing Formadrain. These include:

~ Liner Preparation Photos
~ Job Site Photos
~ Damaged and Repaired Pipe Photos
~ Corporate Video
~ Installation Video
~ Licensee Interviews Video
~ And also an animated slideshow of Formadrain lining a lateral to main connection.

"It is important to showcase our leading edge infrastructure repair products online," says Stephane Therrien, company vice-president.

"The state of waste water systems throughout North America and also Europe are in a state of increasing deterioration. It is no longer an option of using old-style digging and trenching to get at and replace these pipes. There is too much disruption of the urban environment and the cost in money and time makes it extremely prohibitive even if it could be done. Our CIPP (cured-in place pipe) repairs create new pipes out of old ones and greatly extend the life expectancy of the pipe at a fraction of the cost and time.

"Those in the business of these infrastructures need to know about our products."


Beginning in 1994, Formadrain Technology has been accepted in every city where an approval for lining installation has been requested. This includes Boston (and surrounding suburbs), Toronto (approved by the Building Material Evaluation Commission or BMEC for all of Ontario), Regina, Ottawa, Montreal, Chicago, in Michigan State and others.

Formadrain has also been granted international approval through NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification for sewer/drain. The company's No-Dig Technology has also been used in large chemical companies, refineries, food companies, cosmetics manufacturers, paper plants, hospitals - in addition to municipal and residential sewers.

In order to maintain its leadership in the industry, Formadrain ensures the strictest quality controls within its manufacturing and supply facilities. This ensures the highest standards in the industry in the preparation of raw materials and field installation. It is for this reason that the system is not only NSF certified, but has easily passed every NSF annual audit conducted in the company's Montreal facilities to date (Formadrain's plant met the requirements set by Standard ASTM F1216 - a standard specific to underground sewer lining).


Stephane is one of the foremost experts in no-dig and trenchless technologies in the world. He's a Civil Engineer (specialized in construction & structures) who graduated from University of Montreal Polytechnic Engineering School in 1993 and worked with Drainamar from 1994 to 1999 as a Project Manager for No-Dig Projects. He was also involved in many R&D projects in the development of specialized equipment for FORMADRAIN as well as acting as Project Manager for R&D (on site testing of FORMADRAIN Technologies), within the scope of an Infrastructure Program (Federal, Provincial and Municipal).

Since 1999 has held the position of Vice-president at FORMADRAIN Inc. and has trained authorized installers across Canada and in the United States (FORMADRAIN is also currently established in Asia). Stephane is very active at all levels in the enhancement of FORMADRAIN No-Dig Technologies, from research and development to marketing, liner design and on-site installation. He has 17 years of overall experience and a very solid foundation of "hands on" field expertise.

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