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SEO Reviews: Google Sniper Review for Google Ranking Power


The original Google Sniper has allowed more than 50 people to quit their jobs and become full time Clickbank affiliates (aka, "Snipers"). Since then, creator George Brown has upgrade and updated his system, with higher expectations than ever. releases its review.

(PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Says Google Sniper creator George Brown, "For those that don't know, Google Sniping is a method of affiliate marketing I invented, and it was the method that first allowed me to make a consistent 5 figures a month online."

The GS system does not rely on driving ANY traffic whatsoever. Insofar as it works, Google Sniper generates true autopilot income. And it is now known as the one system where users set something up once, and get paid forever.

Google Sniping is the art of building these essentially one page ‘sniper' sites that rank in the search engines exceptionally well. And they rank that well without the need for any off-page optimization or link building whatsoever because of the unique ‘formula' used to build the site (as detailed by George Brown in his GS program).

Moreover, these sites rank for some truly high traffic keywords. Says Brown, "We're talking sites that take 2 hours to setup making $300 - $600 a month for months and even years to come, I've seen it happen again, and again. All the traffic, comes FREE from the search engines."

The course itself is full of informative "insider" material, including upon hours of step-by-step videos, manuals and process maps to guide new users through literally everything, down into the smallest details. From picking a product, keywords, installing the site, what exactly to write in just about every sentence, the Google Sniper package is all-encompassing and suitable for the greenest newbie to even the well-tenured IM'er.

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