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Phoenix Promotions Uses IceWarp to Power Corporate Messaging Infrastructure and Offer Robust Messaging Capabilities to External Web Clients


IceWarp has announced today a new customer success story showing how Phoenix Promotions, a leading Web marketing company, is using its award-winning solution to power the corporate messaging infrastructure.

Springfield, VA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

The global messaging and collaborations solutions provider announces new case study.

IceWarp has announced today a new customer success story showing how Phoenix Promotions, a leading Web marketing company, is using its award-winning solution to power the corporate messaging infrastructure.


Phoenix Promotions is providing key promotional aspects of running a business to its clients to allow them to focus on operations of their business. Since its incorporation in 1993, Phoenix Promotions has helped promote large companies such as GOJO as well as individuals like Randy Pobst. Phoenix Promotions has strived itself on offering robust promotional applications that can help large corporations while still providing promotional assistance for smaller organizations. The company offers integrated web services, public relations support, Internet advertising and printing. Also, Phoenix Promotions provides the entire IT Support to a Subway franchise that owns and operates 60+ Subway restaurants.


Phoenix Promotions needed a messaging solution that would power both its core corporate business and external customers of its Web services.

“We have about a 100 Web clients, so when we develop a website or an application for their business, we also offer them email,” says Tony Mariani, Director of IT at Phoenix Promotions. “And we were using IceWarp for that purpose.”

However, the IceWarp configuration Mr. Mariani inherited when he joined the company seemed to be lacking the capabilities necessary for a corporate messaging platform of a large and diverse organization like Phoenix Promotions.

At some point, Mr. Mariani contemplated adding a Microsoft Exchange for the corporate needs and keep IceWarp just for the external use.

“My background is with Exchange, “explains Mr. Mariani. “When I compared features, my initial thought was – we can switch to Exchange for the enterprise businesses keeping IceWarp as the web customer-facing product only.”

But Exchange had its own limitations – high maintenance costs, reliability issues, lack of the vital tools in the core installation and costly licensing structure.


Mr. Mariani decided to do additional research of IceWarp to see if it can also be applied for corporate needs. After several discussions with the IceWarp team, he realized he was not aware of the solution's full potential.

“Fortunately I was able to talk with guys at IceWarp before I made the buying decision, because I found that IceWarp was able to serve both enterprise and web clients – a welcome solution for me,” says Mr. Mariani. “It is a lot easier than purchasing all the necessary Microsoft products and tools, not to mention hiring an administrator to manage Exchange.”


Phoenix Promotions technology team discovered that IceWarp was not only a viable Exchange replacement, but also a more reliable and cost-effective solution.

“IceWarp is much easier to administer from the support department standpoint,” says Mr. Mariani. “The interface is very intuitive. Installation is much easier. In my opinion, it's a stable platform: I had zero reliability issues once we have configured IceWarp properly.”

Also, Phoenix Promotions found that IceWarp licensing model is a good match for its business needs.

“IceWarp's approach is much more conducive to small and growing businesses,” says Mr. Mariani. “I like the fact that many tools like antivirus and anti-spam are built in.”

Another important benefit was the ability to use the ActiveSync option to enable Phoenix Promotions' mobile workforce.

“We have about a hundred mobile users we can support with IceWarp,” says Mr. Mariani. “Using ActiveSync, we can add these devices to the users' email accounts – a nice option. We are quickly switching everybody to iPhones (although we have some legacy BlackBerry users out there).”

Phoenix Promotions did not run into any iPhone connectivity issues similar to those encountered by Exchange users and described in the technology media.

“I struggled with the first generation of iPhones and Exchange, and struggled considerably to make it work properly,” says Mr. Mariani.. “However, we don't have any iPhone/IceWarp support issues. iPhone is a breeze to set up with ActiveSync, it literally configures itself – we just need four-five very easy requirements: user name, password, server URL, and then it's pretty much set up.”

Also, Phoenix Promotions discovered that IceWarp allows it to flexibly adjust and reconfigure its corporate IT infrastructure.

“Once we had to migrate the IceWarp sever to another environment,” recalls Mr. Mariani. “Migration was easy. The server was never down. We always had basic functions.”

Mr. Mariani says he would absolutely recommend IceWarp to other organizations in the industry, and here's why.

“With 60 remote restaurant locations and hundreds of users for this division of our business, this application is golden,” explains Mr. Mariani. “Most of these businesses do not have a robust IT shop, and they don't have the staff to support a Microsoft solution. Here's where IceWarp comes in.”


“This product is unique, because it allows us so serve our enterprise businesses and growing roster of web clients,” notes Mr. Mariani. “The solution paid for itself almost immediately.”

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