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David Ryan Consulting Announces Fixed Rate of 6.5% Starting November 2012 with a 12% Bonus.


David Ryan Consulting announces fixed rate of 6.5% starting November 2012 with a 12% bonus.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

David Ryan Consulting announces November 2012 a rate of 6.5% with one of their Insurance companies and a bonus of 12% over the first 4 years. In a economy that is struggling David Ryan Consultants have the ability to lock in their clients for up to 20 years with a minimum guarantee of 6.5% on the income account.

One benefit with Insurance companies is they are much more regulated as opposed to banks. Insurance companies are highly regulated and typically invest in AAA corporate bonds. Banks will typically make their money by loaning money to individuals and businesses. Lending to individuals to purchase homes and small businesses in the form of loans creates higher risk with sub par returns at best due to high default rates. Investing in the stock market is giving a loan to a publicly traded company with no collateral. Insurance companies invest in corporate bonds. Corporate bonds essentially amount to giving a public company a loan with a guaranteed rate of return backed by physical assets. If a publicly traded company defaults, the first to get paid back are the bond holders. If you own a stock and the market pushes the stock down, you could potentially lose all of your money with no collateral.

In this turbulent economy mixed with uncertainty and fear, placing your retirement dollars with an insurance company will guarantee your returns backed by billion dollar companies who invest prudently in AAA rated corporate bonds which are typically backed by physical assets. David Ryan Consulting believes you should not risk your retirement dollars, rather you should prudently invest in a guarantee that you can have your money when you need it.

Starting November 2012 David Ryan Consulting via their Insurance partners is offering a 6.5% guarantee for up to 20 years with a 12% bonus on all moneys placed with in the first year.

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