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Manufacturer of Modern Baby Bedding, Argington, Releases a Statement Following an Article Regarding How to Inexpensively Raise an Eco-Friendly Baby


Following an article published by Earth Times about raising an eco-friendly baby, Argington releases a statement regarding the health benefits of being eco-friendly.

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

On October 25 2012, Argington, a manufacturer of modern baby bedding, releases a statement regarding the health benefits of being eco-friendly following an Earth Times article by Kristen Silven about inexpensively raising an eco-friendly child.

According to the Earth Times article, “Many of the well-known organic and natural branded products have huge price tags associated to them.” Thankfully the article offers ways to raise a child while inexpensively leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. The article states that baby wipes and diapers can contribute to landfills and take a long period of time to bio-degrade. Using washable diapers is the solution the article offers to parents to be more eco-friendly. Another helpful tip the article offers, is to use organic baby food. The Earth Times reports, “Baby foods that have been pre-made often contain far too many preservatives and unhealthy additives.” In addition, the article explains how preparing organic meals for your baby and freezing them in ice cube trays is very convenient and can help save money.

Clay Darrohn, representative of modern baby bedding manufacturer Argington, offered his comments about the health benefits of raising an eco-friendly child. “Starting your child with an organic and eco-friendly lifestyle does not only pose many health benefits, but also gets your child into the habit of leading a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle,” says Darrohn. “The short term and long term benefits of this lifestyle are too good to not follow and promotes a healthy lifestyle for your children.”

Darrohn also explained the importance of an eco-friendly and organic lifestyle at Argington. “Argington agrees with the article and also promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle through our toxic-free furniture and 100% organic fabrics,” said Darrohn. “Argington feels it is important to be eco-friendly for your children, so they lead healthier lifestyles.”

Argington is a New York based manufacturer of fine baby furniture and nursery bedding. Proudly offering sustainable products that are organic or eco-friendly, Argington's products are also designed with mobility and multiple uses in mind to make parents' lives easier.


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