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Matt Malgari Responds to Article Refuting Theory That Dairy Aids in Weight Loss


A new article shoots down previous research analysis that reported that eating dairy on a daily basis could help with weight loss. Matt Malgari responds to this new information.

New York, New York (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

An article released by Reuters explains that new analysis of past research shows that adding servings of milk or yogurt into a diet will not actually aid in weight loss, as was previously believed. Prior analysis had suggested that dairy products could help people feel satisfied for longer, thus preventing the need to consume calories. Other analysis indicated the calcium found in milk and yogurt could help prevent the build-up of fat tissues. However, as the article explains, both of these theories remain unproven. Matt Malgari is the owner of Smart Sips, a restaurant that focuses on quickly serving fresh and healthful meals. He supports the new research, but Matt Malgari still believes that dairy products are a valuable part of a daily diet.

Dr. Frank Hu, who is a nutrition researcher from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, worked on the new study. He says, “The results are not very consistent. Overall, I think the evidence doesn't support the claim that dairy products are beneficial for weight loss.”

Dr. Hu and his colleagues looked at the results of 29 different studies, which included 2,101 participants. Some of these participants were told to add extra dairy to their diets. Some studies put participants on a reduced-calorie diet to encourage weight loss, while other studies did not.

The article explains that, on average, people who were assigned to the extra-dairy groups lost 0.3 more pounds than the comparison group, which is a difference that may have happened due to chance. They did lose slightly more body fat, however.

The article says that further analysis indicated that dairy seemed to confer some benefit over the short term, when used as part of a weight-loss diet. However, adding more milk, yogurt, and cheese did not help people lose weight or keep it off.

Dairy products are still an important part of a balanced diet, even if they do not specifically aid in weight loss. The article explains that the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that teens and adults get three cups of low-fat or fat-free milk or yogurt per day. However, researchers say these servings need to fit into a healthy and balanced diet.

Says Dr. Hu, “The bottom line is still energy balance.”

Matt Malgari, owner of Smart Sips restaurant, agrees, saying, “Even if dairy products don't provide noticeable weight loss benefits, they can still make up a healthful and nutritious diet. Dairy products are full of protein and calcium, which are important for a well-balanced eating plan. Though they may not be the secret ingredient for dropping pounds, dairy products are an important part of eating clean and taking care of your body. However, you still have to eat other healthy foods, and not consume too many calories throughout the rest of the day.”


Matt Malgari is the owner of Smart Sips Restaurant. The establishment strives to provide fast and healthy lunch options to busy people. Instead of quickly eating a cheeseburger and fries, customers at Smart Sips can choose from some of the shop's homemade smoothies and juices, freshly made salads, or custom-prepared wraps and paninis. Matt Malgari places an emphasis on eating “clean” and stresses the importance of a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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