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Demilec USA Weighs in on Future of Construction Industry


New figures reveal that the American construction industry may be experiencing significant growth as compared to rates seen during the recession. As makers of spray foam insulation, Demilec USA is encouraged by the industry's ability to move forward in fragile economic times.

New York, New York (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

In recent years, the construction industry has incurred negative growth as a result of the economic effects caused by the recession in the United States. However, as Americans are exiting this time of economic fragility with a sense of confidence, many analysts are reporting notable growth across multiple industries. A recent article from reveals that during the first half of 2012, the construction industry has grown by 5.8 percent. Although these statistics are a positive sign, many analysts agree that for the industry to reach pre-recession levels, economic growth must continue for years to come. Demilec, manufacturer of environmentally-friendly polyurethane spray foam insulation, is one business greatly affected by the success of the construction industry. The company celebrates growth and encourages innovative ideas to keep positive industry projections on track.

According to the article, Ed Sullivan, vice president and chief economist for the Portland Cement Association (PCA), recently responded to the signs of growth. Sullivan explains that since 2009, the construction industry has declined an approximate 59 percent; in order for the industry to reach pre-recession levels of economic viability, everyone within the construction industry must take a careful approach to allow for continued growth in the upcoming years. Demilec USA is one company that has chosen to follow this lead, as its eco-friendly spray foam insulation works not only to improve construction procedures for contractors, but also lower energy use costs for homeowners.

According to Demilec USA, changes in the industry—such as addressing environmental concerns—must be made for sustainable growth. Although the article explains that tax increases dictated by U.S. Congress may threaten construction industry development, other professionals, such as Sullivan, feel that there is a chance the industry can survive. The PCA predicts that although growth may prove slow in 2013, by 2014 spending may increase to 9.5 percent. This jump is directly linked to predictions that issues revolving around foreclosures and high vacancies rates will heal by that time, causing increased economic confidence.

In response to the PCA's predications, Demilec US announces in a recent press statement, “Demilec USA looks forward to the future of the construction industry and the return of double-digit annual growth within the next five to seven years. We will continue to innovate and provide the latest and greatest in spray polyurethane technology, such as our newest product Demilec USA APX, which will be available to Demilec USA Authorized Contractors in February 2013.”


Demilec USA is one of the home improvement industry's top manufacturers of environmentally-friendly spray polyurethane foam insulation and coatings. After years of development, Demilec USA has blended science and technology to develop a line of products that protect your home, help make it more energy efficient, and keep dust and mold away. A large percentage of Demilec's products is manufactured in the United States, and has received awards for their energy efficiency, as well as the recycled makeup of the products.

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