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Get A Free Electronic Cigarette: E Cigarette Inhibits Smoking Without The Act Of Smoking


Nicotine addiction is one of the major challenges smokers face when trying to quit smoking. In its support, is distributing free electronic cigarette starter kits under its try before buy campaign.

(PRWEB) October 25, 2012

In a 2009 Washington Times opinion piece about electronic cigarettes, comments poured in for the online version. Among them was a user who said, “I have been a smoker for 30 years and quit the day I got my first e cigarette. In my opinion this is the best thing ever to be invented for smokers and will save millions of lives.”

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She is not the only one to look at e cigs as this saving mechanism for people who may want to quit. More and more people have since tried the device from the date of publishing of said opinion piece.

Fans have been won over by the electric cigarettes all over the world, and scientists and researchers have been conducting studies to try and determine what the true benefits, as well as the risks, of this product are, should there be any.

This device is not otherwise known as smokeless cigarettes for no reason. See, instead of smoke, it emits vapor – odourless, colorless, and flavourless. Actually, later models now include options for flavours similar to the ones in regular tobacco smokes. The thing is, although it may contain a little bit of nicotine, it still is considered to be a whole lot safer than the usual “death stick”.

According to University of Notingham UK's lung specialist, and chair for the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group, John Britton, “if the [nicotine] levels are as low as in nicotine replacement therapy, I don't think there will be much of a problem.”

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This supports the study conducted by Dr. Konstatinos Farsalinos of the Onassis Center in Athens, which found that the nicotine level in a vapor cigarettes are definitely significantly lower than those in tobacco cigarettes. Not only that, but it's proven to be a great way to stop smoking without having to stop the “act of smoking”.

By that, it means that smokers can still continue with the habit of putting a stick in their mouth and watching it blow smoke, without having to really inhale that dangerous, toxin-filled smoke.

This method of substitution is viewed by smokers are a much-needed tool for them to ease their way out of the habit. It should be worth a shot, especially for those who have been trying to quit for so long. To get started, however, getting proper information about it is important, so head on over to

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