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USA Knitting Yarn Beats Chinese Imports In Quality and Price - Paradise Fibers Now an Official Retail Partner with Cestari Yarns


With the continual rise of wool yarn costs a Virginia wool mill is turning the tables. Finally the US is producing an inexpensive yarn that competes and beats the Chinese imports. Paradise Fibers is now an official retail partner with Cestari Yarns and brings you the story of this domestic wool yarn after a recent visit with owner Francis Cestari.

Churchville, Virginia (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Paradise Fibers is now a proud retail partner with Cestari Yarn as of October 2012. This small wool mill is finally coming into its own with the high cost of shipping and importing wool from China affecting wool yarn costs worldwide. This underdog woolen mill has some clear advantages over the Chinese wool mills and other yarn exporters in the marketplace.

In 1946 Francis Chester was only 10 years old with a raw passion for doing things the right way. Who would've known he would someday change the world with…yarn?

Little Francis lived with his parents on a farm on Long Island. Their landlord made a deal with Francis, if he worked the land, he could have the fruit and vegetables for his family. His father, Frank taught him the basics of growing high quality produce and soon talked his parents into a few milking goats and laying hens. They soon had more produce than they needed so Francis started a quickly beloved roadside produce stand. As a young man he developed a strong work ethic and close relationship with earth and community.

In 1968 he took his love of the farm lifestyle to the next level with the Cestari Sheep and Wool Company. He purchased a complete wool processing mill and huge flock of Targhee and Columbia sheep. However; This time he had some stiff competition in the marketplace. How do you compete with all the other yarns out there? What makes this yarn different than the huge yarn producers like Lions Brand or Bernat? It's really simple he says in his east coast drawl, “Create a high quality natural wool yarn at a great price, my customers love it, and why wouldn't they.”

He produces wool yarn the old fashioned way without harsh chemicals that strip the “soul” from the wool. He chose the woolen spun method of yarn construction to allow the wool to breathe and have a natural feel to the touch. His Targhee and Columbia wools are right off his two farms in Virginia. Having the animals raised so close to the mill is very efficient allowing for a very competitive price.

Over the last few decades he developed a wool that could be washed without shrinkage or felting. His Targhee and Columbia Sheep have won awards and are highly regarded by other breeders in the industry as being unique with this durable washable quality. There is no other wool yarn on the market that is currently offered as washable wool without some kind of nasty chemical acid treatment. Cestari Yarn is pure, it basically is shorn right off the sheep ready for knitting needles or a weaving loom. Francis says if you hold a skein of his Cestari Yarn to your ear you can hear the sounds of his farm.

Cestari Yarn is sold through the Paradise Fibers website in Spokane, WA via mail order as well as local yarn shops across the nation. If you don't see Cestari Yarn in your favorite shop ask them to order it in for you, it really is a magical yarn.

Paradise Fibers has been in business selling knitting yarn and spinning fiber since 1995. Paradise Fibers has a full featured wool shop with everything from spinning wheels to weaving looms and beyond. The company is family owned and operated and consists of a sprinkling of Romine family members, some amazingly dedicated fiber junkies and 1 boy aspiring to be a stunt man.

By: Travis Romine – Fiber Wrangler

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