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Hotel Amenities are Going High Tech with Sports Simulators


The hospitality industry is embracing virtual sports technology to attract and retain guests, according to Sports Entertainment Specialists, Inc.

Lafayette, Colorado (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

There is a new trend gaining momentum in guest satisfaction — many hotels are now choosing more sophisticated technology to entertain their guests. “In the past six months we have seen a major up tick in the number of hotel owners adding a sports simulator to their hotel” says Jason Trupp, Sales manager at Sports Entertainment Specialists, Inc. “The simulators are a great way for guests to get their entertainment while staying on the hotel's property. It's been a real hit with the business travelers” Trupp adds.

Traditionally, hotels have offered breakfast, basic cable, maybe a workout room and not much more. Top hotels have stepped it up with a pool and even a bar with some semblance of a night life but overall, most hotels have lacked any substantive entertainment. For the benefit of travelers everywhere, there is strong evidence that this is taking a turn for the better as hotel owners are opening their minds to the world of virtual sport simulators.

Many sport simulators are built for commercial use and can run unattended with revenue generating options. One of the the main things making them more appealing in the last 6 months is the faster return on investment due to dropping prices. For a fraction of the cost of adding a workout room, hotel owners can now offer a great amenity that provides active entertainment and a reason for their guests to come back.

Sports simulators offer hours of entertainment for people of all ages. Using real equipment, the player experiences a realistic, interactive virtual arena that draws in people to watch and creates a lot of buzz. Guests can blow off some steam while blasting pucks past a life size goalie, or grab their buddies and play a few holes of golf after dinner. In addition, many sports simulators can double as a giant home theater, so hotels can put on the big game when it is not in use.

While many hotel owners have struggled to differentiate themselves from their competition, there is a growing number that are embracing technology to get an edge. In the sports-crazy and tech-savvy culture that is part of modern day life, it was only a matter of time before these were brought together in the form of virtual sports entertainment.

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