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Bytes Computer and Network Solutions, an Industry Leader in Computer Tech Support, Announces Groundbreaking New Backup Service


Now available, AppAssure is the leading image-based backup solution offering near-zero recovery time, 100 percent recoverability assurance and cross-platform virtual and physical server recovery

Scottsbluff, NE (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

In business, time and data are valuable. They have a significant impact on every company's efficiency and productivity, and a server failure often results in loss of both. AppAssure, a new backup service offered by Bytes Computer and Network Solutions, will prevent these losses.

“Servers are critical business assets,” said Landon Clark, Bytes Network Specialist. “They house critical client and company data as well as control the domain or network. As an essential piece of a business, they need to be active and working at all times.” When servers fail, it often becomes impossible for a company to perform even day-to-day business functions. “Server failures are a detriment to business, and occur at serious cost,” Clark says. “Backup solutions enable companies to avoid that disastrous scenario.”

Dell's AppAssure is superior to other backup solutions because it uses an image-based technology called “Black Magic,” which can restore an unlimited amount of data in mere seconds. As Clark explains, “A simple way to understand what this means is to think of the AppAssure backup as a complete picture of the machine. A standard backup only stores data files selected. In a disaster scenario with a standard backup, the company would need to rebuild their server completely from the ground up, including reinstallation of all applications and configuration changes before importing the backed up data.” The process is intensive and can take days, days that most businesses cannot afford to be down.

“With an image-based backup like AppAssure we can rebuild a server and just lay the image on top,” said Clark. “The business is back up and running, just like that. Even better, we can mount the backup image we have to external servers while we are rebuilding, which enables the client to continue day-to-day operations as though their server never even went down.”

The benefits of the AppAssure backup solution through Bytes Computer and Network Solutions are significant. “It is going to save companies from unwanted downtime and other disastrous scenarios that could potentially destroy their business,” Clark said. “We have already prevented critical issues for our clients with this product. It has been tested and proven to work seamlessly.” An affordable two-year all-inclusive plan is available along with a monthly plan. Actual cost will vary depending on the amount of data requiring protection and the number of servers using the backup.

About Bytes Computer and Network Solutions
Bytes Computer and Network Solutions is the premier source for cutting edge service, on-site and remote computer tech support, technology, custom applications, web design and cloud hosting for businesses and individuals in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and nationwide. Established in 2001, the company, led by a group of youthful software enthusiasts, now grosses over $1 million annually. Their newest comprehensive computer reliability service, PC Complete Care, increases computer speed and is earning rave reviews from business and individual clients.

For additional information, contact Todd Lewis, Vice President, Bytes Computer and Network Solutions, 308.635.2983 or TLewis(at)bytescomputer(dot)com.

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