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Alternative Investments Through First Trust Deeds at Summerlin Asset Management


Summerlin Asset Management, an alternative investing company, allows you to earn a safe, secure, collateralized 10-14% on your money.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

By now, most investors are frustrated with traditional investments like stocks, bonds, bank cd's, and annuities. Summerlin Asset Management has launched an investor education program that clearly shows investors what banks and insurance companies do with their money. According to Jim Stepanian The CEO of Summerlin Asset Management "Banks take depositors money and engage in collateralized lending at higher interest rates. The collateral in most cases is a 1st trust deed mortgage note secured by real property. Today, investors can take their own money and purchase these titled mortgage notes through Summerlin Asset Management". Adam Pakes the VP of Asset management stated "we are seeing huge inflows of capital as investors liquidate stocks due to poor returns and market manipulation."

There is a growing trend of investors asking about the availability of ‘‘alternative'' investments. Their aim is to diversify away from traditional asset classes in equities, commodities, bonds, exchange traded funds and mutual funds. There are a number of reasons why investors seek out alternative opportunities. Some prefer to own physical property, either individually or as part of a group; others like the fact that they have a physical asset of some sort. Many also like the idea that whatever happens to global equity markets, their specific holding will be unaffected, giving them true diversification. Titled, real estate mortgage notes, typically yield 10-18% with little risk to principle due to the large decline in real estate prices that occurred from 2009 - 2011.

Summerlin Asset Management, located in Arizona and California, is a diversified real estate investment and management company. SAM's expertise is the purchase, re-sale, and servicing of both performing and non-performing real estate notes secured by the deed of trust. Summerlin has been in operation for over four years acquiring various residential mortgage assets nationwide. If you are seeking alternative investing ideas please contact Summerlin at 1-928-854-7747 or visit their website at

Contact: Shannon DeRosby or Adam Pakes 1-928-854-7747

Earn a safe, secure, collateralized 10-14% on your money!

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