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Pinnacle Renovations Introduce Their Groundbreaking 3-Way Guarantee


After noticing a chronic lack of accountability in the world of luxury home builders and building contractors throughout Canada, Pinnacle Renovations is pioneering a three-way guarantee that assures the completion of all their projects, on or under budget, by a firmly scheduled date.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Wherever there are contractors there are often nightmare stories about crews that walked off the job and never checked back in, or contractors working way past the final date scheduled for construction, dragging a project out for years on end with no hope of reaching a conclusion. These types of incidents are not entirely rare, but they can be extremely frustrating not to mention costly and time-consuming.

It may not have to escalate into a full-blown catastrophe before an apathetic or disorganized contractor becomes difficult to work with. Simply dealing with an individual who appears to be on their own schedule, works sporadically, and does not hold the project's scheduled completion date in mind can be stressful and agitating.

Pinnacle Renovations is a company that understands the value of reputation in the contracting business. The name of a company, in the construction world, is the company, and Pinnacle has worked tirelessly over a long time period to ensure that their name is associated with reliable service, impeccable workmanship and results. They have a large client base that is willing to attest to their excellence in the field, and their latest guarantee is a natural extension of the quality and class that their outfit brings to bear every day on the job site.

The guarantee is unique in that it establishes three distinct guarantees in one, and gets the project in writing in a way very few other contractors are willing to do. The first aspect of the guarantee is the start time. Pinnacle is willing to establish a firm date about when the project will be initiated and they hold to it.

Next is the cost. When the craftsmen at this custom homes Calgary company establish a plan and a budget they adhere to it so precisely they can guarantee that the project won't run too long. In the contracting industry this story is far too familiar: a contractor begins a project with a rough estimate of the total cost and proceeds to justify additional expenditures and costly materials all along the way.

Finally Pinnacle Renovations specifies a completion date and guarantees that they are going to be able to have the project wrapped up by that time. To fulfill this three-way guarantee, the staff at Pinnacle have to be on point and precise in everything that they do, both in the planning phase and throughout the execution of the project, so that nothing is left unaccounted for, no time is wasted and everything proceeds in a measured and efficient way.

This guarantee will be made available immediately to all new Pinnacle Renovations clients and is a minor triumph for the Calgary renovations industry.

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