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TEQ Thermoform Engineered Quality Announces Modular Supply Chain Offering


With the recent downswing in the economy, as well as the current uncertainty about the affect of health care reform policy on the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, finding ways to improve efficiency and control costs has never been more important for manufacturers. In response to this issue, TEQ has developed a customized supply chain management offering designed to help medical device manufacturers and others find creative ways to reduce their carbon footprint, decrease transportation costs, avoid the expense of excess inventory and increase cash flow.

Huntley, IL (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

TEQ Thermoform Engineered Quality is excited to announce a new turnkey modular supply chain solution for manufacturers. This customized offering is designed to help medical manufacturers and others find creative ways to reduce their carbon footprint by improving efficiency and controlling costs.

TEQ's strategy is centered around their proven ability to examine existing supply chain networks for innovative ways to streamline workflow paths, which often includes creating custom tools, redesigning workflow processes or even implementing modular or transportable solutions to move entire manufacturing operations back to the U.S.A. and closer to product demand (otherwise known as “onshoring”). Their unique approach can help manufacturers:
•Reduce waste
•Decrease transportation cost
•Minimize delays in production
•Avoid the expense of excess inventory
•Avoid the expense of underutilized specialized labor & equipment
•Increase cash flow
•Meet lean manufacturing and sustainability goals
•Meet customers rising demands for agility & speed

“As part of our turnkey modular supply chain solution offering, we not only have the expertise to provide our clients a comprehensive manufacturing and supply network strategy, but we also have the proven capacity to successfully manage the entire supply chain.” President of TEQ, Randy Loga, said. “Plus, we fill a key role in the manufacturing process so we are able to ensure that quality expectations are consistently surpassed.”

Loga believes that with major transitions such as this, making the right decision is imperative to success.

“Some manufacturers may choose to explore options that allow us to use the excess capacity of specialized machinery for other customers, thus reducing their cost of operation, while others may take a drastically different route and select to truly create a ‘facility within a facility' at an existing local warehouse or structure,” Loga said. “With such a range of options and critical decisions to be made, we think it's essential to remember that the key to success lies in identifying a partner with a track record of exceptional results.”

TEQ recently released a white paper (available upon request) detailing their Kaz turnkey supply chain solution case study, in which TEQ was hired to develop a comprehensive supply chain solution for moving production of the Thermoscan infrared thermometer probe covers from a manufacturing operation in Ireland to North America. TEQ also took over production of the diagnostic parts and now produces, tests and ships millions of probe covers every day.

Founded nearly thirty years ago as TekPackaging, TEQ is a designer and manufacturer of custom thermoformed packaging systems and products dedicated to being the leader of quality manufacturing in the thermoforming industry. TEQ's commitment to continuous improvement, design capability and process control gives the company the ability to consistently exceed customer expectations by providing unequaled precision for every project.

From design and engineering, through to state of the art technology, and attentive and informed customer service, TEQ ensures that every aspect of every project is completed with the kind of precision that has made us the preferred choice of many clients.

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