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Saving Water, Money and the World, AQUA MIZER Introduces Expanded Line of Problem-Solving Toilet Flush System Products


Six months ago the first water saving Aqua Mizer Toilet Tank Flush systems were delivered to select sales representatives.

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Six months ago the first water saving Aqua Mizer Toilet Tank Flush systems were delivered to select sales representatives. The problem-solving innovative design of the Aqua Mizer flush system gained attention in the industry and was selected to be featured in the American Society of Plumbing Engineers' 2012 Innovative Product Showcase.

With a growing number of systems installed at facilities in various parts of the U.S., facility and property managers are seeing the water and cost savings, plus the reduction in maintenance time. However, Aqua Mizer's engineers have continued to conduct tests and performance studies to further improve this new flush system.

Performance Tests
The most recent Gallon Per Flush (GPF) test was performed on three different size toilet tanks. With the already more efficient 1.28GPF tank, the Aqua Mizer system decreased the flush volume up to 26.56% per flush. The 1.6GPF tank saw slightly more water savings with a decrease of up to 31.35% per flush. The greatest savings are with the older 3.0GPF tanks where the addition of the Aqua Mizer system decreased the flush volume up to 52.33%.
The Aqua Mizer flat flapper valve design provides for a higher velocity flush with less water. The flush performance of 1.28GPF and 1.60GPF tank toilets using standard flush components was compared to the same size tanks fitted with the Aqua Mizer system. The Aqua Mizer system/1.28GPF tank was able to completely evacuate 16 golf balls and 800 grams of soy using only .94 gallons per flush in comparison to the standard 1.28 gallons per flush. Likewise, the Aqua Mizer system/1.60GPF tank the same results with 1.10 gallons per flush in comparison with the standard 1.60GPF tank.

The Stealthy Leaker and the Fill Valve    
Flush Performance can be exciting news, however, the greatest cost savings of the Aqua Mizer System is nearly impossible to measure because the average person has no idea how much water their toilet is leaking every day in between flushes. According to the American Water Works Association (AWWA) 20% of toilets are leaking in the USA. That equals about 60 million toilets in the United States alone. The average leak rate per toilet per year is a whopping 73,000 gallons, according to EPA/WaterSense.
The Fill Valve design is the key innovation of the Aqua Mizer Toilet Tank Flush System that not only prevents the leaking, but also uncovers a leak in the system as it first emerges. With conventional tank components, a leaking toilet will continuously refill, and in extreme cases, up to a gallon a minute. However, with Aqua Mizer's newly designed fill valve, the tank can be only refilled when the user flushes it. An empty tank is the telltale indication of a leak.

Aqua Mizer Toilet Tank Flush System - Specific Product Features

  •     Fill Valve – New design takes away tank refill control from the water level and puts it in the hands of the user, a feature that prevents toilet leakage.
  •     Flat flapper valve design increases the velocity of water adding lots of power to a water-saving flush.
  •     Fill Valve Diaphragm housing is constructed of acetal. This composite will not corrode or create any clogs. Unlike some competitors' diaphragm caps, which contain internal metal parts that are prone to rusting, corroding, and preventing the rubber diaphragm from creating a watertight seal.
  •     Built in filter in the base of the unit, which can be easily removed, cleaned and reinserted, reduces internal component wear and clogging from sediment, and increases consistent high performance.
  •     Low maintenance - The flapper valve, fill valve, diaphragm housing, and filter are designed for durability, so they will require little maintenance and make for an over-all cost-saving, green product.

IAPMO R&T, North America's premier plumbing and mechanical product certification agency, tested the Aqua Mizer's toilet tank flush system through a process of immersion in a concentrated chlorine bath for 28 days and flushed continuously for 250,000 flushes. As a result, the Aqua Mizer received a UPC Certification and the cUPC Certification for Canada.

Further Improvements Coming from Aqua Mizer
With systems installed and in use, as well as ongoing testing, Aqua Mizer's engineers have been quick to respond to feedback on product improvement. The new products available by year-end will be upgraded by small design changes that will simplify installation and further improve performance. The Aqua Mizer Control Flush Unit has somewhat limited application in certain toilet configurations. In order to provide a solution to owners of a broader range of toilet designs, Aqua Mizer, Inc. will offer another innovative product called the Aqua Mizer Adjustable Flush System. It will also package and offer the Fill Valve Unit for sale separately. The Fill Valve Unit can be installed and adapted to almost any toilet design or size.

Aqua Mizer and Wholesale Distribution
Aqua Mizer products are available through national, regional, and local distributors. National distributors, such as Hajoca Corporation, have been among the first and most enthusiastic of wholesale distributors to add Aqua Mizer to their inventory.
Aqua Mizer has also been invited to be a member of the buying group BuyMax Alliance. This offers a valuable opportunity for proactive contractors to expand sales of water-saving and green products for home or commercial use.

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