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Check Envelope Retailer, Printe-Z.Com Now Offers the Most Convenient Double Window and Self Seal Envelopes for Business Checks


Seems as if has launched the perfect check envelope after thorough research about what their corporate customers are looking for. The company literally completes their envelope launches with this epitome of a product.

Monroe, NY (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

In an effort to continuously enhance the experience of its customers, has now launched double self-seal double window envelopes for checks. The company claims that these are the ultimate in terms of convenience when it comes to sending checks to suppliers, partners or employees. CEO, Morris Rose stated earlier, “The company is always looking for more ways to provide a better experience to its customers. The range of check envelope options that are available on the site can only go to show how every need is met here.”

One does not need to take the CEO's word for it. The claims can be checked and verified by simply going on to the site that seems to have an unlimited supply of options. There are different sizes made from different paper, with different number of windows and different sealing options too. In fact, the combinations possible with these options surpass any kind of imaginable need that a customer may have. Browsing is also easy with neat categories that have been built in for navigation.

In their recent launch of check envelopes, has made sure that the company brings together all the convenient aspects of the envelopes that are offered. The envelope has been made to a size that allows the check to slip in easily. The space provided is slightly more than the size of a regular check. Even the QuickBooks voucher check can be folded in three times and inserted easily. Once inserted the checks do not move around in the envelope ensuring that there is no issue in reading the recipient address or the senders address through the windows provided. As mentioned by personnel, “it was realized that one of the biggest issues with window checks was that the mail inside would shift and make it tough to read the entire address easily. This is the aspect that the company has tried to address with these high quality check envelopes.”

The windows for the QuickBooks checks have been placed in such a manner that the recipients address and the senders address appear exactly where the addresses should once the check is inserted. The customer therefore does not need to get anything printed on the check envelope too. Not only does this save time for the accounts people, it has shown to being in cost savings to companies that have adopted this check envelope.

The sealing mechanism is another aspect of the new launch that the company is talking about. “A large amount of time is spent in sealing check envelopes. Sometimes the process can be messy too. With the self-seal option that these envelopes have, one just needs to remove the butter paper strip and seal the envelope.” True to what is being said, the new launch saves time and also ensures that there is no scope of tampering too, ensuring safety for the checks that are being sent out.

The additional inner layer of tinted patterns ensures that the information mentioned on the check cannot be viewed by anyone from the outside. The features of this new launch seem to suggest that has thought of anything and everything that a customer can require in a check envelope. In fact, it seems to perfect that one wonders whether the price is too high! But that is also not the case here. also offers a 10 percent discount on all first time customers and therefore a new customer is likely to benefit even more from the value that the company offers otherwise too. Combine checks and check envelopes and there are even more discounts and rebates to be had. In addition to that, it has been seen that at, there are no hidden costs and what is seen is what the customer pays on the site too.

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