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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Bilingual Health Apps for Kids and Teens


TikalBayTek introduces mental health apps for kids, teens, and adults to help manage stress. The CBT ABC way apps are available in English and Spanish.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

TikalBayTek, a Behavioral Sciences Mobile Technology company, announces its new line of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy mental health apps. The CBT ABC way multilingual, mobile applications are for helping young kids, teens, and adults. The CBT apps help to practice paying attention to negative thoughts, and learning to challenge them with reasonable thoughts in order to feel better. The apps can also help people practice what counselors and therapists teach in sessions. CBT ABC way apps are available at the Apple iTunes App Store in English and Spanish. The CBT apps will be available in additional languages in Winter 2012.

As an iTunes Store reviewer says about the adult version of the CBT ABC app (Move your brain by A. Net – Version 1.0 – Aug 22, 2012): “Terrific way to start your day by getting helpful positive empowering approaches. Let go of unhelpful negative old messages that persist just because they are familiar. Stretch those neurons!!!”

The CBT method is an evidence-based practice from science which includes a Thought Record that is used to identify the Antecedent-Belief-Consequence. The first step is to know the Situation or Event (“What is going on?”), then determine the thoughts about the situation, and then know the feelings/emotions associated with the thoughts.

CBT can help make positive health changes for individuals, as Kate Lowenstein of summarized in her September 2012 CNN story, “Your Detour to a Stress-Free Life.” Because negative feelings such as worry, anxiety, anger, and sadness are connected to negative thoughts, learning to monitor and challenge negative thoughts can help reduce negative feelings.

TikalBayTek's CBT ABC way mental health apps stand out from other positive self-talk apps in that they are available in kid, teen, and adult versions. They are based on a step-by-step approach that is easy to use and interactive. The apps can be used by children, their parents, and counselors and clinicians. They are also different from other CBT apps because they are multilingual - available in English and Spanish.

Parents will like the apps because of the privacy features including that the apps do not collect any personal information (such as for data tracking or science studies), there are no in-app advertisements, and no in-app purchases are required. Mental health counselors and therapists will like the apps for these reasons, and also because they serve as homework supplements to therapy session work. The apps can help clients practice what their counselors teach in regular counseling and therapy meetings (the apps are not a substitute for professional or medical or mental health advice).

Each app version - kid, teen, adult - has an incremental step in the CBT ABC way process. Kids start out learning the basics of CBT, teens then have additional steps, while the adult versions have all the parts of the ABC process, including identifying the patterns of negative thoughts and positive solutions. The kid version of the apps is especially appealing and engaging for individuals of all ages with autism or intellectual disabilities.

The Spanish versions, TCC ACC for Terapia Cognitivo Conductual and Acontecimientos (Situación), Creencias (Pensamientos), y Consecuencias (Sentimientos), are also for kids, teens, and adults - para niños, jóvenes, y adultos. It has been suggested that with Hispanics' increasing use of smartphones, mobile health applications could also be helpful in reducing health disparities among racial/ethnic minority groups in the United States.

Company Information: TikalBayTek, Inc. is a Behavioral Sciences-based mobile technology and consulting company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. TikalBayTek consults to clients and organizations, and provides services of design and implementation of mobile applications, including instructional media models and programs. TikayBayTek creates multilingual mobile technology applications for the Apple iOS platform, and its products include apps for healthcare, education, and organizational learning clients. TikalBayTek - Behavioral Sciences Inspiring Technology!

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