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RentShare Gives Tenants Relief From Paying Rent Late Fees


Consumer focused online rent payment company, RentShare Inc. is giving renters new tools and support to help dispute and clarify late fee disputes.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Continuing their mission to help users overcome the typical hurdles encountered when they pay rent online or offline—RentShare Inc. has committed itself to allaying the concerns users have about late fees, especially in multi-roommate households.

The fear of incurring a late fee, often ranging from $20-$120, is present whether one pays online or not. Coordinating payments with roommates, along with the fact that banks and the United States Postal Service are host to a slew of their own service issues and downtime, means that even responsible tenants occasionally run the risk of their rent arriving late. RentShare has made a clear effort to support its users by acting as a mediator between the tenant and the landlord when disputes arise over late payments.

“Customer service is a top priority of ours,” says RentShare Co-Founder Trevor Geise. “Aside from creating a super simple way to pay rent online, we remove a lot of the worry and concern surrounding paying rent through our phenomenal customer service and support. That means if there is a concern about a late payment, it's our job to go above and beyond for the tenant.”

Landlords often give tenants up to 5 days leniency before they charge a late fee, but because landlords generally do not provide confirmation of receipt, tenants often don't even know their check didn't arrive until after the leniency period has passed. RentShare gives tenants the ability to prove they paid on time.

The thought process behind RentShare's policy is explained rather succinctly on the company's updated help section: “Relax. We've got your back! ”

By default RentShare sends out email reminders to tenants and roommates encouraging them to pay up to four days ahead of their landlord's due date to help ensure their payment actually arrives on time. If a tenant finds themselves paying their rent later than RentShare's recommended due date, a tenant can request the company accelerate the speed with which a tenant's payment goes out and even have RentShare go so far as to reach out to their landlord directly to provide proof-of-payment and let him or her know their check is on its way.

To give additional peace of mind to tenants, RentShare confirms that in a worst case scenario, as long as one's rent payment was made on RentShare before the due date, RentShare will cover up to $100 of any late fee they are not able to get waved.

RentShare's Terms of Service makes it clear that if a tenant pays after their due date on RentShare, they are still ultimately responsible for the resulting fees. But even in that case, RentShare assures users that they would still be happy to speak to the landlord on the tenants behalf if the tenant thinks it might help.

ABOUT RENTSHARE makes paying rent online easy by allowing every tenant in the U.S. to pay rent with a credit card or with their bank account to any landlord. For roommates, RentShare also sends reminders, helps get everyone paid back for shared expenses and even combines all the roommates' payments into one check before sending it to the landlord.

RentShare is headquartered in New York, NY and can be contacted at contact(at)rentshare(dot)com.

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