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Helping to Tame a Cat's Wild Side


The Gypsee® was created as an indoor lair to be stylish and functional.

(PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Form vs. function is often a classic struggle when new products are created.

Engineers and designers may not always agree, but sometimes things seem to come together naturally. The Gypsee® which is an indoor lair for cats provides both fashion and function without compromise.
”A big consideration in the design was not just visual aesthetics from the perspective of the owner, but would cats find this as an appealing hangout.” says creator and designer Mike Faiola.

The Gypsee® was first inspired by acknowledging that cats have a primal instinct to hunt. “A powerful key to understanding a cat's behavior is observation, but it becomes far more effective when coupled with what we know about life in the wild. And by nature, cats are very efficient hunters that rely on stealth to capture their prey”.

A lair is part of the natural habitat for cats, and is by definition “a place where a wild animal sleeps”. With this as a reference for design considerations, the cover is a flowing tent-like structure, which makes the Gypsee® an indoor lair of sorts.

Sitting freely on a plush mat the fashionable cover creates a stealthy see-through refuge, without restricting movement, which provides the natural freedom cats desire.
The fashionable Gypsee® is more than a portable place for cats to sleep; it's a hide-and-seek haven with possibilities limited only to one's imagination.
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