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Bella Body Aesthetics is Philadelphia Leader for Underarm Sweating Solution mireDRY


“miraDry® changes lives immediately”! Bella Body Aesthetics Medical Director Josph E. Kepko, D.O. comments on miraDry®'s dramatic, non-invasive technology to make embarrassing underarm sweating a thing of the past:

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Joseph E. Kepko, D.O., recently voted Best in Bucks for Aesthetic Medicine and Clinical Skin Care, is proud to be the first physician in the Philadelphia area and one of only a few in the country to offer miraDry®, a revolutionary FDA-approved, non-invasive, lasting solution for excessive underarm sweat, at his boutique medi spa, Bella Body Aesthetics. The results are immediate, dramatic and for the millions of adults who whose daily routines and social lives are affected by hyperhidrosis, the medical term for constant and extreme underarm sweating, can be nothing short of life changing.

“1 in 5 adults suffers silently from excessive underarm sweating,” says Bella Body Aesthetics Medical Director Joseph E. Kepko, D.O. “Millions of adults endure embarrassment in their professional and personal lives due to constant and visible underarm sweating. miraDry® can change this immediately without using harsh toxins or surgery. Until miraDry®, many of my patients had to rely on risky surgery or go through numerous Botox injections every six to nine months to temporarily disable the sweat glands. This groundbreaking procedure takes only two non-invasive treatments to eliminate underarm sweat glands, and appears to be permanent as sweat glands do not regenerate.”

Performed in approximately one hour per treatment, miraDry® delivers precisely controlled microwave energy, over the course of two treatments, to eliminate the eccrine or sweat glands in the underarm region. The procedure is non-invasive with little to no downtime, so patients can go about their normal routines after treatment. Patients from Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, South Jersey, Princeton, Delaware and more experience permanent sweat reduction.

“Even patients who are not diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, are experiencing success with miraDry® at Bella Body Aesthetics. “Most of our patients live busy, active lives and don't want to bother with applying and reapplying deodorant and antiperspirant, or they want to be able to wear colorful, dressy clothing without worrying about ruining it. We often hear “I have dealt with this problem for years, if there is a solution, I want it!” says Dr Kepko.

Bella Body Aesthetic Client Care Director, Bobbi Linn Blimegger, underwent the treatment herself for moderate sweating and is already enjoying the results. “I didn't have a severe problem, but carried deodorant with me and applied it throughout the day afraid that I would sweat or have odor while working with a Client. The treatment was quick, I felt minimum discomfort and by the next day, I noticed a great reduction in my sweating and even noticed the odor was less as well. I sure will enjoy coming to work without my deodorant in my purse! We strive to help improve the lives of our patients and this is an amazing new treatment that can do just that!”

At Bella Body Aesthetics, patients are also being educated on a common misconception and a question frequently asked by patients worried about interfering with the body's natural cooling system when eliminating underarm sweat glands. “Your body has more than 4 million sweat glands and only about 2% reside under the arms. So your body will still be able to perspire and regulate itself normally after a miraDry® treatment, without the embarrassment that used to be caused by underarm sweating.”

Adds Dr Kepko, “As an added potential benefit, miraDry® research shows that the apocrine, or odor glands, which reside in the same underarm area as the sweat glands, are often eliminated as well. So not only will you look and feel comfortable when your excessive underarm sweating is eliminated- there is a possibility that you won't worry about underarm odor anymore, either!”

Those who would like more information about miraDry® at Bella Body Aesthetics are invited to call 215.622.7724 or visit us at to schedule a free, private consultation. Please ask about our introductory special discount, offered for a limited time.

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We take pride in being a boutique Medi Spa that concentrates on one patient at a time. Our Doctor, Director and Technicians give you their undivided attention and care each visit. Recently awarded Best of Bucks for Aesthetic Medicine and Clinical Skin Care, Our Medical Director Joseph E. Kepko, D.O. is raising the bar with innovative treatment protocol. Our certified staff receives ongoing training courses throughout the year to ensure we are giving our patients the most up to date and superior care. We utilize the most advanced resources in the industry with which to perform our procedures, including miraDry and Zerona, and it is paying off with happier patients experiencing better results.
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