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Dinosaur Bones, Fossils, & Hoodoos. The Red Deer Community Is Rapturous As Canadian Badlands Get a Big Push In 2012 From Travel Alberta.


Red Deer and surrounding Central Alberta is one of fastest growing regions in North America. High income, low unemployment, low taxes, affordable homes, and an overall economic boom have turned households from all over the continent into residents. Yet the misconception that Central Alberta is all-work-no-play still hangs over its head. Travel Alberta intends on changing this perception by campaigning the Canadian Badlands as an attraction worth global attention. Red Deer's Kevin Lapp Real Estate Team is glad to see their community get the recognition it deserves, hoping that it encourages those that place leisure high on their quality of life scale to see Red Deer as a place to make their home.

Red Deer, AB, Canada —

October 24, 2012 (PRWEB) October 25, 2012 -- An October 15th article in the Ottawa Citizen shed light on efforts to promote the Alberta Badlands. At the center of the badlands is the east-central Alberta town of Drumheller, located within the Red Deer River valley. The city of Red Deer itself is considered one of the gateway cities into the Alberta Badlands and is found just under 100 miles from the destination. The Alberta Badlands are home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dinosaur Provincial Park, known to hold one of the richest dinosaur fossil field collections in the world. Drumheller, actually a two hour drive from the official Dinosaur Provincial Park, is the site of the “World's Largest Dinosaur” – a fiberglass and steel model T-Rex that stands at a height over 80 feet and a length of over 150 feet. In addition to being a globally recognized attraction as a reservoir of dinosaur fossils, the entire Alberta Badlands are ripe with a rock and clay landscape that has been extensively eroded by wind and water, creating geological forms such as canyons, ravines, gullies, coulees, and one of the badland's most recognizable and photographed formations – hoodoos.

With world class photogenic geography, quaint surrounding towns, museums, visitor centers, amenities, indoor and outdoor accommodations, tours and UNESCO World Heritage recognition, Travel Alberta feels that 2012 is the year that the Alberta Badlands receives the recognition it deserves. Along with the help of the Canadian Badlands marketing group Travel Alberta intends on undertaking a heavy campaign to promote its natural wealth on a global scale, attracting tourists and new residents with tour packaging initiatives from the cities of Central Alberta that provide easy of access to the badlands of Alberta, including the nearby rapidly growing community of Red Deer located just 2 hours from the terrain. Red Deer Real Estate Team leader Kevin Lapp couldn't be happier with the province's initiative.

Kevin Lapp's Red Deer Real Estate Team manages the sales of surrounding properties that range from Sylvan Lake homes to the town of Innisfail – all along the Red Deer corridor gateway to Alberta's badlands. Running a real estate firm in a region in the middle of an economic boom means that Kevin Lapp consults with individuals and households from all over the continent that are moving to Red Deer to take advantage of the opportunities. A common concern of those seeking to make their home in Red Deer is with respect to the activities and attractions in the area. While many are confident in their ability to earn a significant income in the region, they are unsure about where they can spend their both disposable income and their leisure time – an important consideration with respect to the Quality of Life index.

Kevin Lapp is quick to admit that even fellow Albertans are unaware of the wealth of world class attractions in their own backyard, stating that new residents thus far have been oblivious of all that is available to them a mere road trip away; “Once a client's economic consultations have been addressed, one of the primary concerns voiced to me and my team is in regards to a perceived lack of attractions in the region. Those with families and a love for the great outdoors place a lot of value on that kind of thing. When I tell clients about the breathtaking Alberta Badlands and its tremendous importance on a global scale they are blown away by the fact that they've never heard about the place. It's a shame, but now it's a pleasure to hear that Travel Alberta is going to make every effort to get the word out.”

Kevin Lapp and his Red Deer real estate team serve as impromptu liaisons to Central Alberta and in the eyes of clients that solicit their services when seeking a Red Deer area home they can be considered an important part of this image transition. It goes without saying that all businesses are excited about the province's commitment to promoting a world class natural attraction like the Alberta Badlands and the heritage site Dinosaur Provincial Park.

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