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Safe Places Endorses the RealHelp App for Victims of Abuse and Violence


Safe Places, an organization serving children and families throughout Arkansas has endorsed the RealHelp App as a helpful tool for their clients. The RealHelp App protects its users by allowing them to instantly broadcast an alert with voice and location to dozens of trusted contacts from their iPhone.

Little Rock, AR (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Safe Places endorses the RealHelp App for its clients.

RealHelp has gladly listed Safe Places of Little Rock, Arkansas ( as a supporting organization on Kathy Findley, Executive Director of Safe Places had this praise for RealHelp: “RealHelp is what we have been looking for for our clients, something that will help them feel safer as they move forward with their lives after being victimized.” RealHelp was made to connect those threatened with violence and abuse with family and friends in real time. Broadcasting audio and location gives people who care about a RealHelp user everything they need to respond immediately. It can also destroy the secrecy and isolation that an abuser needs to continue. Those functions makes it a great fit for organizations like Safe Places. Safe Places provides trauma focused counseling; support groups; court and hospital advocacy; violence prevention education and family advocacy for victims of family and sexual violence, child abuse, and trafficking. “Safe Places and organizations like them are exactly the kinds of partners that RealHelp is looking for. We provide a way for people to reach out to friends and family when they're in trouble, and Safe Places provides the support and education that victims need.” explains RealHelp's Founder, James Medina.
Ms. Findley also requested that RealHelp be offered for Android so that more of Safe Places clients could use it. While RealHelp is currently only available for the iPhone, an Android version is currently in development. iPhone users can still send alerts to users of Android, Windows, and BlackBerry phones by connecting RealHelp to their Facebook account.
Setting up RealHelp for one's own protection is easy. Any iPhone user can download it for free from the iTunes App Store. By logging in through Facebook, it's not even necessary to create an account. Once logged in a user just needs to add contacts. By adding contacts through Facebook, they can set it to send messages or even wall posts in the event of an emergency. Any friends with the RealHelp App installed will automatically get push notifications through their own app. Once a contact list is set up, and friends have been informed that they're on one's contact list RealHelp is ready to go. Swiping any of the alert buttons on the homepage will send an alert to all of the contacts selected to receive that alert. Each of those contacts will be able to see where the alert originator is, and hear what's happening around them. Those who don't have the app will get a link to the mobile optimized web version of the alert. After the event, that link will go to an archived version of the alert containing the audio, location markers, pictures, and a chat record. Those threatened by violence or abuse will immediately have dozens of witnesses to the event. Even if none of those friends shows up immediately or calls the police, there will be a vanishingly small chance that the aggressor can escape the consequences of his or her actions once a RealHelp Alert has been triggered. For those threatened by violence, rape, or abuse; the RealHelp App can be a great life line. Unlike events explained to friends, family, and authorities afterward, RealHelp captures what actually happens, thus preventing conflicting stories that may make it harder for a victim to come forward.

About The RealHelp App
The RealHelp App heads off potential emergency situations by instantly notifying dozens of preselected friend and broadcasting audio, location, and pictures to them in real time. RealHelp is available fully featured and free for the iPhone in the iTunes App Store. It's supported through in-app donations by RealHelp users. RealHelp is ad-free since ad servers would slow down the app. There's a graphic guide to how it works here: How RealHelp Works, and plenty more information at

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