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Introducing The new Innovate Protect All Glass Block Window: Safer, Stronger, More Energy Efficient than traditional silicone or mortar glass block windows.


The new Innovate Protect All Glass Block Window, using a vinyl spacer system and special silicone, provides superior security, wind and water resistance, and energy conservation over other glass block window systems. Uses include basement, bathroom, garage and kitchen windows.

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

It's safer, more secure, more energy efficient and provides superior water and wind protection: Introducing the Innovate Protect All Glass Block Window, available through Innovate Building Solutions. This window is manufactured via an upgraded fabrication system, leaving behind the mortar, grout and simple silicone that bind together other glass block windows. Instead, the Innovate Protect All Window features a vinyl spacer system both vertically and horizontally between the blocks, notching up the benefits of this glass block window to another level. These vinyl spacers are adhered to the masonry units with a special silicone, making them extremely difficult to separate. "The Innovate Protect All Window represents the ultimate technology in a glass block window, providing unparalleled strength and safety," explains Mike Foti, Innovate Building Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer. "We believe there is no other glass block window that can offer such a water-tight, energy efficient and attractive solution to a homeowner's needs."

All glass block windows are not in the same league in terms of the level of quality they provide. The advanced spacer system of the Innovate Protect All Window affords consumers added security, making the unit more difficult to break and providing up to four-hundred pounds of impact resistance. It also allows increased protection from water infiltration and has improved wind resistance. It offers excellent insulation and will help reduce heating and cooling costs. This window system is ten times more energy efficient than a single pane window, and twenty-two percent more efficient than a standard, mortared glass block window. Some of the places to use these windows include basement windows, garages, kitchens and bath windows above soaking tubs or inside showers for privacy.

For more information, contact Mike Foti at Innovate Building Solutions, a nationwide supplier of Protect All Glass Block Windows and a regional installer in Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio. Mike can be reached at 216-310-1074 or email mikef(at)innovatebuildingsolutions(dot)com

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