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Maximum Recovery Announces Breakthrough Product to Help Women Prevent Shrinkage


"Thousands of Women Now Prevent Shrinking As They Age Who Never Thought Possible"

(PRWEB UK) 25 October 2012

Osteoporosis and bone shrinkage is an issue millions of women face as they get older and they spend millions to try to combat the problem when it's too late. Most women never stop to ask why they are experiencing shrinkage. Now an innovative new product from Maximum Recovery aims to give women the means to fight back against osteoporosis and shrinkage.

Maximum Recovery is a premium super greens drink that contains the finest organic mega greens to help keep the body's alkaline levels at their maximum. When women drink Maximum Recovery on a daily basis they not only notice that their overall health level improves but they also notice less shrinkage as they age. Maximum Recovery also leads to younger looking skin, weight loss, increased energy, deeper sleeps and generally helps women look and feel better.

Part of the magic of Maximum Recovery lies in the fact that it helps women understand that shrinkage is not inevitable and can be avoided. Since the product's benefits center around the body's alkaline levels it is important to understand the role alkaline levels play in the body.

According to micro biologist Dr. Robert Young, who has conducted extensive studies of human blood, shrinkage can definitely be avoided. Dr. Young has found that the body is in a constant state of regulating PH levels of acid. The body's normal PH level is usually around 7.36, which is in the neutral area of the PH range. The body tends to do whatever it takes to keep PH levels in this neutral area.

In modern society, the level of chemicals in the environment tends to make the body more acid than it should be upsetting the acidic alkaline balance. When the body becomes more acidic, cells start to stick together and die and the whole body becomes polluted resulting in weakened resistance to germs. Aches and pains become more pronounced and it becomes harder to stay healthy.

When this happens the body reacts and struggles to restore the PH level and as a last resort starts to dip into its alkaline reserves. These reserves reside primarily in the bones and as the calcium in bones is used by the body to restore the PH levels the bones shrink and become brittle. This is what causes osteoporosis and shrinkage.

The Maximum Recovery super greens drink works to restore the body's natural alkaline levels so the body does not have to deplete the alkaline levels from the bones. This explains why the Maximum Recovery drink is such a vital tool to help avoid shrinkage. Those interested in learning more about this exciting new drink can visit the Maximum Recovery website where they are not only able to order the drink but also learn more about what leads to higher acid levels in the body and what can be done about it.

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