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Weather Prediction Company Weather Briefings, Inc. Guarantees Information with New "Accuracy-based Compensation Policy"


Much more snow over the Central US and Great Lakes early this winter season with powerful snowstorms along the East Coast possible later in the season. The Latest Winter Forecast - for the first time ever - guaranteed! "A certain game-changer in he weather service industry" - Major Chicago area snow removal company says. Weather Briefings is charging us based on their accuracy through their ABC "accuracy-based compensation." "It's gutsy and bold and has given me a new respect for meteorologists who put their money where their mouth is."

New York, New York (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Inclement weather over the Central US early in winter season; powerful snow storms along the East Coast in later season - a complete turnaround from last winter - and with snowfall likely to hit major metro areas this week, as soon as tomorrow in such as Denver, CO and Jackson Hole, WY, snow and ice removal companies need to sign up this week with their forecast service.

Signing up with Weather Briefings allows you to mitigate your risk by sharing in your weather risk with them. Their new accuracy based compensation policies will allow you to pay for the only things that is important - timeliness and accuracy.

It's going to be a very cold, very long winter for the Midwestern United States and the East Coastal region of the US. Given the mild winter of 2011 and 2012 in the United States, these will likely be the harshest conditions the two regions have experienced in recent memory. The upper Midwest will see deep freeze conditions through March and frequent heavy snowfall and a few blizzards; and the Northeast is expected to experience an increased frequency of Nor'easters to be accompanied by heavy snow.

For the Northwest and western states, including the western part of Canada and Alaska there will be a number of blasts of arctic air; but with less of a sustained effect than even last year. So there, the winter months are predicted to be comparatively mild. During the months from January to March, there is a strong likelihood of several shorter periods of cold and snowy weather, but their impact will be temporary.

Judging on the strength of El Nino, an oceanic phenomenon created when sea surface temperatures in the western pacific are above normal, US and southern Canada storms are likely, and colder-than-normal weather will occur in the Midwest and to the East. Also impacting global weather patterns are the expected negative arctic oscillation causing a more active jet stream pattern over central Canada into the southern US and then up the east coast, especially by January through March. One impact will be a likelihood of greater ice storms and severe weather in the southern US.

At, under “Winter Weather Preview,” you can access a comprehensive winter forecast, which will be updated frequently. You can learn about Weather Briefings, and their Snow and Removal Services.

John Travers, President of Weather Briefings, said, “We are breathing a breath of fresh air into an over crowded, one-size-fits-all service by providing down-to-site weather analysis and putting our money where our mouth is—the new 'ABC' of weather services, Accuracy Based Compensation—where we charge our customers by how timely and accurate we actually are, not how timely and accurate we say we will be.”

When asked about his company's methods of prediction, Travers stated, “We use a 3rd party company, Weather Verified, to confirm our accuracy and timeliness. If they say we are off by more than our agreed high accuracy rate – we're wrong, we're; and if we're wrong, we charge accordingly. We challenge any company who receives weather-related services to ask that their weather service provider to do the same.”

A company Vice President, Jeffrey Amoako, further stated that, “Our company provides services on a seven-day free trial basis, or, for longer, a paid trial. We aim to help our customers reach their revenue and business goals by using weather as a marketing tool. If you are in the snow removal, construction, horticultural, radio or newspaper business, our team of meteorologists can provide the most extensive and accurate twenty-four-seven weather service on the market.”

Please contact Georgia Allen at 212-757-5426 to schedule an interview with a Weather Briefings Meteorologist to discuss the winter ahead. Ask about Accuracy Based Compensation and the Guaranteed Forecasts program.

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