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Security American Realty Helps Veterans Purchase Homes in Texas by Finding Lower Tax Rates, Better Closing Costs, & Faster VA Loan Lending Services in the City of Katy


Security American Realty Helps Veterans Purchase Homes in Texas by Finding Lower Tax Rates, Better Closing Costs, & the Best Schools in the City of Katy; buying houses made easier with Houston Real Estate Agents for Military Families

Katy, Houston, Texas (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Security American Realty recently launched a new Texas military campaign to help veterans and their families find and purchase affordable VA approved homes in Katy, Texas. The new veteran friendly mission is to assist with helping veterans find lower priced homes with lower rates. Security American Realty's mission all together makes the process of using a VA home loan better for veterans purchasing a home.

The City of Katy is one of the most popular veteran communities near Houston, it being one of the most affordable suburbs for military families buying a home outside the City of Houston. Katy is best known for its' grand developments, homeowner communities, and classic style neighborhoods, such as Cinco Ranch.

Along with Katy's convenient twenty to thirty five minute commute to the 4th largest city in the U.S., veterans benefit from the high employment rate that Katy, Texas provides, and they can take advantage of large VA support groups in and around the neighborhoods of Katy. Moving to the City of Katy also allows for easy access to nearby malls (Katy Mills Mall), shopping, and popular venues within the popular La Cantera.

Veterans find it easy to take advantage of their VA mortgage entitlement, which includes the following mortgage perks:

1-No Closing Costs For a VA Home Loan Purchase
2-Fees on VA Loans are Lower than Conventional & FHA home loan Fees
3-VA Funding Fee Can Be Finance in Mortgage Payment
4-Grant Options Available in Addition to VA Loan Guaranty
5-Texas VA Home Loans Funded as High as $1,000,000
6-Veteran Relocation & Resources are Supported More than FHA Loans
7-VA Refinance Loan Options for a Current FHA & Traditional VA Home Loan Benefit
8-Faster Processing on VA Home Loan

When veterans work with Texas Realtors at Security American Realty, the VA home loan process is prepared seamlessly from the beginning of the home search to the end when the home is closed and purchased by the buyer. The entire VA process of buying a home in Katy, Texas is as follows:

Step 1. VA Home Loan Process-Finding a Home to Purchase
Find the Home you love and want to apply for. Real Estate property location services and agent assistance is usually provided by the lender you choose to work with but you can always find a home by doing your own research, though this method is not the easiest or fastest method used. During this step all you need to do is find the home you want to buy. Once this is done, you move onto step two.

Step 2. VA Home Loan Process-Veteran Entitlement & Eligibility Benefits
Obtain the VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE form), or request your DD214 VA form easily by using VA forms online such as Security America Mortgage, Inc., ‘Get Started Now' VA form.

Step 3. VA Home Loan Purchase Process-Choosing a VA Lender
In this step, the Department of Veteran Affairs provide VA lenders for the veteran to contact a lender or mortgage loan originators who will help assist Veterans with VA request form(s) and financing the VA home loan. This is usually one of the first things the lender will do while they fill out the forms and explain the application processes to you in detail.

Step 4. VA Home Loan Purchase Process-Completing VA Loan Forms & Applications
Wait a day (sometimes two days) for Veteran Affairs to evaluate your VA Home Loan Entitlement using the Certificate of Eligibility and DD214 VA forms. During this time the VA have an assigned VA Inspector Appraise the Value of the Home you want to purchase. The great news is, this entire time, from step 1-4 have all been free!

Step 5. VA Home Loan Purchase Process-VA & Mortgage Lender Communication
In this step the VA communicates ‘numbers' about the military member applying for a home with a VA lender who is working directly with the military individual. VA lenders are VA Home Loan professionals who know everything about the United States VA home loan limits, process, VA entitlement, and VA loan qualifications. Once this is confirmed, the VA loan expert contacts the home buyer with the great news over the available entitlement allowed for that veteran.

Step 6. VA Home Loan Purchase Process-VA Approval
If the VA approves the amount you need for the home you want, you receive the Full amount with the VA home loan benefits. The Texas VA Loan Limit can be from $417,000 using a regular VA loan amount and some can get as high as $1 million dollars if the military member qualifies for a higher amount, like a Texas Jumbo VA Loan, as an example. From this point on, the VA mortgage lender you chose to process your loan works with VA over your VA entitlement and credit history to calculate your mortgage payment and options in order to approve financing on your VA home loan amount.

Qualifying for a VA home loan in Texas is best when contacting VA approved lenders, especially if they exclusively provide loans to military members as a bank. Security American Realty experts are pleased to begin the journey of providing veterans with the resources they need to find a va approved home in Texas. That journey begins with Katy, Texas.

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