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Music May Speed Up Your Reading Rate, Announces 7 Speed Reading Software


7 Speed Reading™ today announced that listening to music might boost one's reading speed. This announcement stems from a research study conducted by the students Julia Cistera and Patrick Liu of Minnesota University, which establishes the existence of a relationship between music and reading speed.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

The study sought to verify whether tempo is the main important factor that can increase reading speed; although tempo alone doesn't seem to help reading speed, music in general was shown to influence the reading speed of music listeners.

Marc Slater, the managing director of 7 Speed Reading™ when commenting on these results said, “Speed reading is an issue that concerns millions of people, so any effort seeking to identify the factors that boost reading speed is welcomed, as much as it is an essential skill in our fast-paced lives.”

Although this study's results did not corroborate previous findings claiming that faster tempo increases reading speed, its focus was solely on metronome-generated tempi, and in this respect it concluded that tempo in isolation is not a contributing factor. The students conducting this study maintain that further research is needed to identify what aspects of music can boost reading speed and what aspects slow reading down.

As Marc Slater, director of 7 Speed Reading™ Software noted today, “This study seeking to unravel the mystery of how music assists reading, has established that tempo isolated from a music melody doesn't seem to be as effective as when tempo is part of a music sequence. With tempo alone out of the picture, we now need to discover what are those factors, or combinations of factors, that do change reading speed.”

Knowing which combinations of tone, tempo and melody contribute in reading pace increases will allow scientists to clearly establish how music can be integrated in reading for better, time-saving results. Until then, Classical music at a fast tempo seems to do the trick, as it substantially increases the reading speed rate, other researchers claim.

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