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Proactiv Review - Acne Treatment & Skin Care Endorsed by Jessica Simpson & Justin Bieber


Proactiv is a three step, preventative, skin-cleansing acne treatment seen on TV Advertisements, boasting celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jessica Simpson, Justin Bieber, and others. Amidst a market full of alternatives, Reliable Online Product Reviews releases a product review.

(PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Simply stated, Proactiv is an acne treatment. Proactiv proudly distinguishes itself from other acne products by virtue of its PREVENTATIVE nature. Spot treating blemishes after they break out is too late—a frustrating, losing battle that does nothing for prevention.

Acne is a scourge to millions of sufferers. In a world with ever-increasing emphasis on outer appearance and first impressions, acne victims can feel emotionally and psychologically vulnerable in public settings.

Moreover, when searching for an acne treatment or cure, a person is flooded with options to the point of stalemate. A simple or search for "acne treatment" will prove this point. Perhaps worse, the "side effects" label on most prescription acne products makes one wonder if the "cure is worse than the disease".

So the question remains, how should the acne sufferer wade through the muck and find a safe and legitimate product?

Perhaps this very question is why product developers and vendors opt for celebrity endorsements - people widely known who have used the product provide legitimacy. In the case of Proactiv, Jessica Simpson and Justin Bieber are two of the handful of big names with faces next to the Proactiv label.

Says John Taggart of, "the acne treatment shopper should be looking for a product with high visibility and celebrity-backed endorsement, because these people will NOT put their name on something that they haven't tried and did not work for them - that could backfire on their own celebrity standing!" Taggart continues, "Folks should also be looking for product that has strong user support and a reliable user guarantee". Proactive has both of these.

Proactiv is available on, which includes product reviews.

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