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Is's Bond Guru Breaking the Wizard's Spell?


Is's Bond Guru Breaking the Wizard's Spell? VIP Membership the New Treat for Bond Owners.

Spring Lake, New Jersey (PRWEB) October 24, 2012's Bond Guru may be breaking the Wizard's spell. A VIP Membership is the new treat for bond owners.

For years's Bond Guru, Jack Quinn, carefully listened to hundreds of comments about the Savings Bond Wizard. Most of them were not all that flattering.

The Bond Wizard, a program offered by the US government, allows savings bond owners to build a basic inventory of their bonds, which includes cash in values and limited financial information. The bond information is stored on an individual's own computer which may be subject to lost files, corruption and computer malfunctions. Additionally, every six months, Wizard users have to deal with downloading interest rates, tables and any program changes to be able to obtain current, accurate bond information.

Quinn realized the limitations of the Wizard and saw the opportunity to essentially build a much better mousetrap for millions of bond owners. He wanted to create a safer, user friendly, superior bond management program, accessible via the internet, which would eliminate the need to download any periodic information, as well as the worries of losing bond data on their computer.

The VIP Membership was created and provides bond owners with safe and secure storage of bond information, and guidance in the form of easy to understand, color-coded reports including: Bond Inventory Reports, emailed Alerts! Reports, and Cash In Reports. All reports are designed to help bond owners avoid losing money and making common, often costly, mistakes as well as provide a level of VIP service not offered by the Wizard or elsewhere. The team at even created a conversion program for Wizard users to copy their existing bond inventory over to

According to VIP Member, D. Adams, “Your products are very helpful and the color coding really makes the information stand out.” Adams adds, “With the Wizard, information is provided in only black and white and they don't flag the important information you should know about to help you make smart choices. That's one of the reasons why I signed on with”

Since the creation of the VIP Membership, former Wizard users have converted over to Many indicate that they needed more than just a listing of their bonds. They wanted better guidance to help them avoid making mistakes, something the government simply doesn't do. The Wizard's spell may finally be broken by a smart and helpful Bond Guru.

About is a consumer friendly site offering a free savings bond calculator with a complimentary, personalized, color-coded, Savings Bond Inventory Report and unique reports and services that help bond owners avoid losing money and maximize their investment. The site also offers the most extensive savings bond information center with a non-governmental perspective. Current series EE and I bond rates, lost bond services and re-issue services, links to purchase savings bonds online and popular government forms are also available.

About VIP Membership: VIP Members receive bi-monthly emailed Alerts! which provide updated cash in values, interest rates and earnings, strategies about current and upcoming financial events, including maturity and taxation issues. The Cash In Report ranks bonds in performance order to eliminate guesswork on which bonds should be cashed in and which ones to hold. Members have 24/7 access to a personalized Bond Inventory Report indicating current bond values, interest rates, timing, taxation and maturity issues, displayed on an easy to understand, color-coded, bond-by-bond report. Optional Bond Tips, along with discounts on lost bond and re-issue services are included. The pro-active, investor friendly service helps avoid possible forfeiture of interest, double taxation and IRS situations, helps investors maximize their savings bond investment and avoid losing money.

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