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Fred Hahn, New York Fitness Guru Promotes Nationwide FItness through "Slow Burn" in Only 30 Minutes a WEEK. - This is revolutionary! On Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show


Fred Hahn revolutionizes fitness workouts with the Slow Burn Fitness, perfect for Baby Boomers, Moms, Children, and Teens who need low-impact, high strength, fat burning workouts in a tight schedule. Fred Hahn, a New York Fitness Guru, coaches actors, athletes, CEOs, health professionals, musicians into ideal fitness using this amazingly short but powerful exercise routine. This is simply unbelievably amazing and everyone needs to read his books, see his videos and hear this interview on Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show at

New York, New York (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Fred Hahn, amazing New York Fitness Guru, revolutionizes fitness workouts dynamically. Imagine 15 minutes of working out and being DONE! Fred Hahn's workouts are effective for athletes, dancers, CEO's, and other fitness specialists. These Slow Burn Fitness Routines take 15-25 minutes, two times a week. Perfect for busy Baby Boomers, Mothers, Entrepeneurs, even children. TIme crunch schedules make Fred Hahn's workout PERFECT because those he trains become FIT within a 15-25 minutes, 2 times a week. Fred Hahn also helps children extensively with his Slow Burn Fitness in accord with Michelle Obama's and Bill Clinton's charge to create a healthy, lean, fit nation of children and adults.

Fred Hahn's endorsements are amazing coming from Tony Robbins, Sandy Dunkin, Donna Sonkin, Johnny Bowden, Marsha Mason, Bob Wright. These busy and successful renown influencers know the value of time and the importance of being fit and strong.

Tony Robbins enthusiastically states: "I highly recommend Fred Hahn's Slow Burn System of exercise. His method is a potent means for developing yourself both physically and spiritually in a safe and time efficient manner."

"I can´t say enough about what Fred has done to help me regain my lost strength, health, fitness, and even a little youth. I have been telling everyone who´ll listen because it´s clearly the most effective and time–efficient way to exercise I have ever tried. You should try it too!"
Dr. Max Gomez
CBS Medical Correspondent

"Fred Hahn is the Man! If you want to become strong and stay strong, his SLOW BURN SYSTEM is the best." Johnny Bowden

Bill Clinton, this week, announced the Alliance fo a Healthier Generation in hopes of creating a national fitness campaign getting children to move. Using Fred Hahn's Slow Burn approach is ideal for attaining Bill Clinton's goals.

First Lady Michelle Obama established her ambitious national goal, fighting childhood obesity and returning children to healthy weight and Fred Hahn's approach would accomplish this very well.

Is it possible that Fred Hahn can revolutionize our nation into fit citizens with only 30 minutes invested every week? Listen to Fred Hahn discuss one aspect of his program for children on Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show click this link to listen now:

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