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Crime Prevention Products Advises Top Way to Protect a Property


Respected security specialist informs public that burglar alarms are now more affordable, effective and easy to install than ever before.

(PRWEB UK) 24 October 2012

According to leading security product provider Crime Prevention Products (CPP), home owners and businesses alike may not realise that burglar alarms have come a long way since the earliest models which were rather expensive and involved a complex wiring to the property's electrical system.

With the introduction of wireless burglar alarms in recent years and their continued evolution, all types of premises can now be effectively protected.

CPP advises that these devices are the best way to guard a property, especially since there are a range of new models to suit every location and they are very easy to install because they do not need to be hard-wired electrically.

With an average of 1,500 burglaries a day in the UK and less than 1% of these burglaries occurring in homes with good alarm systems, there has never been a better and more affordable way to stay safeguarded.

In contrast to hard-wired systems, the way wireless alarms work is that their component parts - control panel, sensors and alarm – all communicate via radio signals. The benefits of this are:

1.    They are quick and simple to fit, removing the costs of professional installation;

2.    No disruption (and potential damage) involved in installing a hard-wired alarm (e.g. removing floorboards, drilling, re-plastering etc.);

3.    The sensors can be placed almost anywhere rather than the location being determined by complex wiring issues;

4.    They can be easily removed and re-installed in a different building (this also makes them perfect for tenants in rented accommodation where landlords will not allow alterations);

5.    Additional sensors can be added easily as needed, such as if a building is extended or the security level needs changing.

The actual method for detecting an intruder is common to both wireless burglar alarms and their hard-wired counterparts. This is based on motion detection using Passive Infrared technology (which is able to sense increased body heat), and it can also be combined with magnetic sensors which when attached to doors or windows will trigger the alarm if they are opened without access permission.

CEO of Crime Prevention Products, Terry Rattee, commented: “Since burglar alarms have been proven to be an excellent deterrent to would-be burglars, we want to inform as many people as possible that with the ease, cost effectiveness and flexibility of the new wireless models, this is the top way for every property to stay safely protected.”

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