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365iT Services Announces Top Tips for Finding Good ICT Support


Support partners are almost 2-a-penny these days, but 365iT outlines how businesses can make the most suitable choice.

(PRWEB UK) 24 October 2012

ICT (information and communications technology) is crucial to every business in these times, however with so many providers vying on the marketplace, it can be hard for firms to find the right support partner.

To help businesses navigate the ICT landscape in order to find the perfect supplier, 365iT Services has outlined the Top Five indicators of being in the right hands.

Tip 1 – Full Cycle Experience

Many ICT providers offer support services, but the ideal is to partner with a company that also does strategic infrastructure design and implementation, since if they haven't worked with the solution, how can they effectively support it?

Tip 2 – Comprehensive Support

The right choice will be a provider who can support a firm's full ICT environment – effectively offering a true one-stop-shop. In the end, without comprehensive support, a company will suffer an unnecessary waste of time, effort and money.

Tip 3 – Pro-active Reliability

Since businesses are highly dependent on ICT, its critical nature demands a level of pro-activity that identifies problems before they cause major downfalls. With consistently effective monitoring and management as part of the support solution, issues can be reliably prevented or minimised.

Tip 4 – Management Safeguard

A good provider will supply managed services to ensure that all ICT processes and procedures are water tight, thus delivering guaranteed quality at even the entry level of support.

Tip 5 – Integrated Services

Without integrated support covering both solutions and services, a business will run the risk of falling into one of the worst IT pitfalls, which effectively entails one hand not co-ordinating with the other as various solutions are implemented by different providers. Streamlined, seamless integration provides maximum efficiency as well as cost effectiveness in the long run.

Peter Howells at 365iT concluded: “We have seen far too many businesses call us in to fix major ICT problems created by a weak support partnership. This has motivated us to educate clients about what they should be getting from a quality support provider – especially in these trying economic times and with the marketplace getting more competitive by the day, there is simply no time or budget to waste on making the wrong support choice.”

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