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Mind Your Body Fitness Now Offers On-Going In-House Continued Education for Pilates Instructors on the Upper East Side in New York City


It's crucial in this day of all the varied offerings of Pilates classes to keep clients safe from injury as well as keeping Pilates instructors knowledgeable about the underlying principles of movement that clients can apply to their sitting and standing postures, beyond the more obvious benefits of muscle toning, spinal support, and tension relief. This also serves well in passing the torch of Joseph Pilates' intention within the vast vocabulary his work embodies.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

On October 4, 2012 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Gail Giovanniello, owner of Mind Your Body Fitness, gave a master class in using the Pilates Cadillac - also known as the trapeze table - to the instructors of her two studios which offer a wide range of small - maximum five participants - group Pilates classes.

With the popularity of Pilates and Yoga, there are many choices of places where a person can receive instruction. But with many people being taught at gyms and larger facilities because classes may go with a membership, there's also much to potentially avoid because a person could take a private class and receive faulty information from a fresh-off-the-rack instructor. Even more likely are people attending group classes that are too difficult or ones which the instructor does not have the broad knowledge to lead an assortment of body types with different needs and issues. This may be the reason that while people have the perception of Pilates or Yoga being safer alternatives to weight lifting or aerobics, many still become injured and tend to blame the method itself rather than realize their responsibility in their choice of how to receive it. The New York Times published the article How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body with an uproar of response from the teaching community.

At a small studio there's almost always more personal attention in a low-key environment as opposed to getting lost in the crowd of packed-in classes especially too big for beginners. There's also not so much of a gung-ho level of exertion or muscular engagement and more of the mindfulness that can come in smaller groups. Perhaps most of all with this increased popularity of both Pilates and Yoga, each of which is a body-mind practice that can be un-carefully turned into just another way of over-working the muscles, there are many ways instructors can become certified without receiving a proper amount of body education, not to mention an education on how to teach people to apply principles into daily posture and everyday movements. So choosing a smaller studio can not only bring more ease and comfort and a non-competitive environment, but can be the key to keeping your body less-prone to injury.

Gail Giovanniello, Pilates expert and master teacher of fitness on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City believes in ongoing education not just for herself as a studio proprietor, but for the people she hires to teach the varied selection of private and small group Pilates classes she offers.

In a two-hour Pilates Cadillac In-House Training in early October, Gail specifically and thoroughly worked with her instructors to ingrain in them the key underlying principles of working with this versatile piece of equipment in the best ways possible to get across exercises that can enhance spinal flexibility, promote healthy joint movement and strengthen the body's deep core muscles which connect the legs to the lumbar spine - ways to instruct all exercises on the Cadillac in order to safely give clients useful and long-term health benefits far beyond better muscle tone.

One of the main aspects of Pilates equipment are the springs, which on the reformer are underneath the machine, while on the Cadillac are attached to bars that are held with the hands or loops that slip over the feet. Gail teaches the Pilates Cadillac, which in the Mind Your Body Online Class Schedule is referred to as the Tower, as the prime focus to learning about how the Pilates spring resistance equipment works, whereas most trainings and certification programs leave the Cadillac for last. The table of the Cadillac doesn't move like the carriage on the Pilates reformer, so teachers and clients must think about how to engage support within their bodies in order to incorporate the springs into each exercise. When working on a table that does not move back and forth like the reformer carriage does, a person performing an exercise has to stay strong within the body in order to meet the spring resistance. In Gail's approach, the body is what must engage the springs, not the other way around, which is passively allowing the springs to do the bulk of the movement.

Gail believes firmly that although Pilates has become trendy, it is far from a trend. Her belief has led her to pursue continuing education for herself from both Deborah Lessen and Cara Reeser who received the wisdom directly from the Pilates elder masters. But Gail also feels adamant about offering on-going workshops and trainings for her staff of instructors who benefit personally, but then can enthusiastically pass that wisdom on to their clients. While Pilates became trendy, Gail's studio business boomed, however there continues to be new growth and added instructors who, while already well-trained, are availed of constant growth within from Gail's commitment and ability to take the new information she learns and pass it on. Of course Gail's own personal clients benefit most readily, but Gail takes the time and attention to offer new information to her entire staff of instructors, so that even after 18 years in the business, Mind Your Body and Gail have a fresh look and a 5-year plan devoted to keeping clients progressing in the study of their bodies, and safe from risk of injury. Gail gave a Pilates Chair In-House Training on October 19th and will offer another In-House Training with a pre-holiday focus on November 12th that will also be available to the public. Check the Continuing Education tab on the Mind Your Body website which lists the upcoming In-House Trainings available.

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