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Digitell Releases SYNDICAST, a New Broadcast Tool to Extend the Reach of Your Meeting Content


Leveraging Content to Maximize Your Sponsorship Dollars

Jamestown, NY (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Two trends are merging together and creating an extraordinary opportunity for those that seize them. The first one is the creation of great content combined with video, which allows the viewer to be informed and entertained at the same time. The second trend is the demand for quality video content.

Statistics show that video content is in demand. In a recent comScore report, it showed “that an all-time high of 188 million U.S. Internet users watched 37.7 billion online content videos in August, 2012.” That is a tremendous number. And if you think that those viewers were just kids watching games, you would be wrong. Video watching is now in the C-Suites.
A research study in 2010, conducted by Forbes in association with Google titled: Video in the C-Suite: Executives Embrace the Non-Text Web found that:

Video is becoming a critical information source for senior executives. More than 80% said they are watching more online video today than they were a year ago.

A graph from the Forbes research indicates that the majority of content viewing is done on business websites, not just YouTube. Gone are the days when YouTube was the only player. A plethora of other business video content sites now exist, as well as having streamed content on many company websites.

The use of content rich videos will continue to increase over time with more corporations either creating their own or finding content they can label as theirs. Harnessing the demand for quality content could be a financial boon for conferences and trade shows.

Every association and for profit show creates content for their constituents. This content is delivered in a variety of ways, including webinars, and live meetings/conferences, etc. All too often great content is created and delivered at a live conference setting only one time. There are countless individuals who might have benefited from it, if they had been present.

What if there were a business solution where conference content could be shared with a wider audience, beyond the conference setting, and be funded by companies who desire to associate themselves with this quality content? This would be a win for all parties involved. This convergence of state-of-the art video technology and sponsorship does exist, and it is called SYNDICAST™.

The SYNDICAST™ product from Digitell leverages a single source of content, and allows multiple sponsors to label it as theirs. The scenario looks like this; conference content is captured via video and streamed so that the various sponsors and their spokesperson can share it with their unique audiences. This process allows for additional educational and/or commentary from the sponsor regarding the content being presented.

The unique skins that Syndicast™ provides allows for the sponsor's branding. Besides the branded page, Syndicast™ offers the sponsor chat functionality so that they can have conversations with their audiences. Behind this system is a robust back end with full reporting, providing valuable data on user's habits, the devices they use and the platforms they use.

"SYNDICAST™ helped us generate over $80,000 in additional sponsorship revenue last year and already 50% of the companies have renewed, 3 months ahead of schedule," says Laura Wenger, Executive Director of Practice Greenhealth.

Associations and conferences that produce original content can now leverage this educational asset with sponsorship dollars to extend the learning reach. This combination will assist all parties involved, especially the audience who now has the knowledge to further advance their businesses.

By streaming content out to audiences, a show is seeding future attendance. Providing this educational experience is the beginning of a relationship with future show attendees that goes beyond a printed brochure or a static website. Typically it leaves a lasting, positive impression of what a future show attendance could hold for them. When they receive a future marketing piece about the show, these individuals will pour over it rather than setting it aside or throwing it into the trash.

Combining the educational aspect and leveraging a sponsor's sphere of influence creates a winning combination. The conference/show is extending its reach and the sponsor is leveraging content for their audiences. It is a match that has proven itself with all sides considering it a success.

If you would like to apply SYNDICAST™ to your upcoming conference and create a win-win for you and your exhibitors, contact Digitell today at 800-249-2662 or email Steve Parker at sparker(at)digitellinc(dot)com.

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