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Enterprise Image Distribution: Optimizing Your PACS Investment


PaxBox® OneSource leverages the latest in web-based PACS technologies to help healthcare providers affordably replace or extend the life of their current legacy PACS systems.

Athens, GA (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Healthcare organizations continue to contend with rigid, proprietary PACS systems designed for early obsolescence. Such systems are dependent on dedicated high-end networks, complex hardware configurations and antiquated archiving technology. Longer downtimes due to failing hardware, expensive upgrades, and delivery of large data sets outside radiology present major hurdles for provider organizations. Enterprise image distribution is non-existent, often forcing referring physicians to make decisions before receiving a patient's images or to duplicate the exam. According to the 2011 U.S. PACS Replacement Study conducted by CapSite, 21% of those surveyed indicate they are considering a PACS replacement, with over 50% of those planning to replace within the next twenty-four months. KLAS reports that 1 in 6 hospitals and health systems over 1,000 beds have plans to replace their PACS (PACS 2011: A Victim of Its Own Success). As community hospitals join together to form larger health systems, there is a need to knit together disparate information systems to produce a unified workflow; however, legacy PACS systems often are unable to distribute images in compatible formats or at all and replacing a legacy PACS in the traditional manner can be quite expensive.

The message is clear: Providers are looking for innovation, enterprise image distribution and a future-safe business model that does not discriminate against institutions with modest budgets or unique workflow.

PaxBox® allows your PACS to grow to any size, in a scalable fashion with a unique approach to both implementation and finance. Connected to your current PACS or used as a stand-alone system, the Web-based PACS enables all authorized clinicians to access images at any time without incurring additional licensing costs. With PaxBox® OneSource, specialists and reading physicians have quick access to all relevant priors and referring physicians have access to diagnostic information at the point of patient care for faster treatment and reduced duplicate exams. As a mechanism for your enterprise image distribution, native DICOM images are available for viewing on multiple platforms. "Our surgeons are able to view diagnostic images in their office, home or at the hospital in surgery,” states Tom McLendon, CEO of Athens Vascular Surgery "These studies are very large and before HPN, we had to use DVDs, now everything is being managed on the cloud with a cache server installed for high-availability access for the physicians."

HPN helps you leverage current investments by giving you the tools to build incrementally towards a full interoperable image exchange. Using the newest in web-based technologies, HPN's PaxBox® leverages interoperability standards, such as HL7 and non-proprietary DICOM. Shared studies can be viewed on the web or downloaded to another disparate PACS system using the Native DICOM Archive and/or the PaxBox® OneSource cloud service. Customized systems through a combination of on-site PACS and cloud technologies optimize workflow and efficiencies in the most cost-effective way for Providers. Answering the challenge of lower reimbursements and higher accountability, HPN has both capital budget and Fee-Per-Study service delivery model. This means there are minimal upfront expenditures and no future server hardware or soft- ware upgrade costs. The fixed Fee-per-Study model ends the obsolescence issues, with no hidden hardware, software, archive space, or storage costs to incur. Cost conscious organizations can look to HPN for compliance with meaningful use and accountable care with timely, cost effective storage and sharing of diagnostic images of all types.

About HPN
HPN's mission is to improve Healthcare in America by enhancing interoperability between disparate systems and increasing collaboration between physicians. By overcoming organizational and physical barriers, HPN is connecting patients, providers, and hospitals nationwide through a unified cloud platform. HPN offers a vendor-neutral medical image management and sharing solution that is enabling providers to share medical images across the enterprise and beyond. Led by a practicing physician, HPN is a network of physicians helping physicians. For information on our services contact us at 888-314-4888 Ext.501.

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