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The PPI Claims Management Announces October 2012 as their Busiest Ever Month


The number of initial enquiries which were made to the PPI Claims Management website and the success rates of claims were at their highest ever levels in October 2012.

(PRWEB) October 24, 2012

With the payment protection insurance claims industry booming there has been strong growth in the number of enquiries which have been made on the PPI Claims Company website for the whole of 2012 with each month celebrating a significant growth. Due to the continued growth the PPI Claims Company announced that October 2012 was their busiest ever month in terms of the number of payment protection insurance claims enquiries which were made!

In addition to the increased number of PPI claims enquiries that were made there was also an increase in the success rate of the PPI claims. Due to the larger number of claims that were being managed during Octobert 2012 it was expected the success rate dip slightly due to potential bogus claims however the reality bucked the expectation in this instance! In October 2012 there was a claims success rate of 91% which is a slight yet still significant rise on the 89% success rate which was seen in both August and September 2012.

The boom in the number of claims that were being made through the PPI Claims Company website has been majorly attributed to the increased news coverage which has been available over recent weeks. With the PPI scandal hitting the headlines on a regular basis throughout July and October 2012 making more people aware of the fact they have one or more potential PPI claims to be made! The amount of money set aside for payment protection insurance claims has recently been increased by many banks and lenders and this is of course ties in with the increase in the number of claims which are expected to be made over the next few months.

In order to ensure that the website can cope with the boom in enquiries the PPI Claims Company website has been working with customers and using the feedback received in order to enhance the claims process. Significant streamlining has occurred and the service is now happy to announce that each claim that comes through the website is given a dedicated claims handler and single point of contact.

The increased levels of customer satisfaction have found 4 in 5 claimants stating that they would, or already have recommended the PPI Claims Company service to their friends and family. Research into the source of new claimants in October 2012 found that the number of claimants reaching the service through word of mouth accounted for 28% of all enquires.

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