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Rising Demand for Large Touch Screens with Omnitapps


People become more used to touch screens because of products like touch tablets, smartphones and navigation systems. That evolution has opened the market of large size professional touch screens. In many cases for corporate organizations, but also for TV broadcast industry, museums, government and educational entities. With the rise of touch hardware, there is a demand of touch software. provides the possibility to create own branded multi touch presentations.

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There is a rising demand for more interactivity and more visual appearance. For instance a, well known Dutch TV crime fighter wanted to do more CSI-like novelties in his TV broadcast. He used a 55 inch multi-touch screen with Omnitapps. With the government elections a lot of broadcast media used touch screens to show pie charts and ranks of the parties and ministers. And a new Music charts Toppop3 TV broadcast show use a 55 inch big tablet to visualize music facts and figures.

Together with the increasing use of touch screens (hardware) there is a need for content (software).
Omnitapps is a multi-touch software suite which responded to this situation. It is a fully customizable touch suite and offers various business minded applications to make your own touch presentation in an instant.

Multi Touch Software
Omnitapps enables new and unique ways to present products and services via multi-touch gestures. Several people can simultaneously interact on a single screen with photos, videos, brochures and even websites within the different applications. It can also collect data via customizable on-screen forms. And within Omnitapps there is the ability to deploy multi-touch games, for example on exhibitions, museums and events. The multi-touch games are not only for fun but have also business purposes. It can be useful to attract attention to passers-by and even generate traffic and collect information of visitors.

Release Omnitapps 2.2.5
Omnivision B.V. announces the latest 2.2.5 update of Omnitapps. The update is free of charge for licensed users and a free 30 day trial download is available for everyone.

History and Facts
Since the start of Omnitapps eighteen months ago, the software suite has grown to 18 applications which are adaptable to different levels to own graphic style and content like other backgrounds, pictures, movies, websites and PDF files. It is now available in fourteen languages and has already users in 133 countries.

Availability and Pricing
Omnitapps is available in two versions, Professional and Desktop. The end user prices without VAT is EUR 795,- for Professional version and EUR 399, - for Desktop version. Non-profit organizations enjoy other rates. Omnitapps runs on Windows7 and Windows8 and is optimized for large touch screens like the one from Philips, 3M, Sharp, Samsung, NEC, Dell, HP and many others. Buy Omnitapps.

About Omnivision B.V.
Since 2006 the Dutch company Omnivision BV focuses exclusively on the development of touch-enabled applications. Besides the many (offline) single touch applications, Omnivision BV has the expertise to develop Windows 7 / 8, Single touch and especially Multi Touch applications. One of the products which developed by Omnivision BV is Omnitapps, the multi touch suite. Because of the in-house software development Omnivision BV is able to completely customize the Omnitapps applications to other needs, or develop completely new Multi-touch software.

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