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Tax Forms Printing Made Easier in this Economy; New Additions at


More tax forms from the tax forms retailer, to assist in the mad rush of the tax season. The pre- printed forms help in reducing effort and create efficiencies that are much required in this pushing economy, says the company.

Monroe, NY (PRWEB) October 24, 2012 has recently overhauled the tax forms category and has added a large number of tax forms to the existing options that were present earlier. The company states that while this is in line with the strategy of adding all possible IRS tax forms that the business customer can ever need, the company also believes that pre-printed forms are important and necessary for small and large businesses in these trying economic times.

CEO Morris Rose states, “Most companies do not realize the extra manpower that needs to be maintained just to ensure that the tax filing season can be handled easily. While there is some tax filing work that needs to be done at the end of each quarter, it is only at the end of the year that the workload really increases. At, there is a conscious effort to make the tax filing process easier and more bearable with pre-printed forms that increase efficiencies and reduce workload too.”

It seems obvious that when medium sized businesses or large corporate houses file returns, a large number of 1099 forms and W2 forms are required to be processed. Despite the fact that tax calculations have been made easier with tax accounting software, there is still a plethora of forms that need to be printed, folded, inserted in the right envelopes and filed. The company aims to reduce the time associated with printing complete forms that are downloadable from the Internet by providing pre-printed forms that require minimal printing based on the data that needs to be entered.

The range of tax forms that offers includes 1099 forms of all kinds including 1099 - MISC, 1099 – INT, 1099 – DIV and more, W2 forms, W3 forms, 1096 forms, 5498 forms, the unemployment and employment forms 940 and 941 too. In each of these tax form categories, there are various options that the customer can choose. Some of the forms can be printed using dot matrix printers and therefore are available in the right kind of continuous format. This is one option that seems to be most relevant for W2 form online and 1099 forms since these forms need to be produced in bulk.

Other options include tax forms that can be pressure sealed and those that are available with the right sized envelopes to make things convenient for the client. For anyone who is following the moves of this tax form retailer, it is obvious that the company is set to take the market by storm as the company forges ahead, slowly but steadily, to create a complete list of all IRS tax forms required by businesses in the tax filing season.

Marketing people are non-committal about providing exact dates for the release of other forms that are in the pipeline. It is felt that subsequent launches shall take place once the designs and formats of the forms have been ratified by experts in terms of software compatibility and regulations too. What is known is that will continue to launch more forms in the future and so this is a space that needs to be watched for a comprehensive tax form list.

The fruits of this strategy, however, are already being felt by the company as sees the share of tax form purchases increase every day. While figures and data for return on investments have not come in as yet, there is no doubt in the minds of the marketing people at that a home run has been achieved with the revamping of the tax forms category. In fact, the company has been deliberating on using the same strategy for the other categories as well.

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