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Emotional Weight Eliminator Targets Emotions For Weight Loss


Traditionally, most weight-loss products focus on food replacement or appetite control that imposes unrealistic conditions for maintaining healthy weight conditions that are sustainable. In addition, many of these types of products can be health risks.

(PRWEB) October 24, 2012

A new product, Emotional Weight Eliminator® takes a totally different, highly effective and safe approach to weight release by eliminating the emotions that compel us to medicate with food. Made from flower essences the product harnesses the emotional and physical energy of carefully selected Australian Bush flowers that have been shown to transmute the emotions of anger, boredom, stress, loneliness and depression etc. into feelings of calm and control. These essences are totally safe to use and will not contraindicate with any medication prescribed or over-the-counter. The product is taken sublingually (under the tongue) and like nitroglycerine for heart attacks, takes effect in seconds! Such essences have been in use globally since the 1930's without a single reported incidence.

Because our emotions govern the release of hormones that cause reactions within our bodies, it is reasonable to conclude that, by controlling these emotions, such as stress that releases cortisol, one can assuage the damaging effect caused by both external and internal circumstances by simply taking these drops.

Most approaches by doctors and diet experts look to diet and exercise in varying forms as means by which to lose weight. This is generally a good thing if portion control and exercise alone can be accepted as normal approaches to very complex emotional circumstances. People who are obese generally do not feel good about themselves and will self-sabotage diet and exercise regimens if their emotions are not first satisfied.

Emotional Weight Eliminator® deals with the problem of overeating and snacking at the source; the emotions that overcome all rational thought and eating behavior.

The company created Emotional Weight Eliminator® on the success of it's flagship product Hot Flash Eliminator® that has enjoyed excellent success for the past 71/2 years.
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