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TradeStops Launches Version 2.0, New Functionality


November 1st Webinar to Detail Trailing Stops and Position Sizing Opportunities

(PRWEB) October 24, 2012

TradeStops, the cutting-edge, user-friendly system to track stock trading and receive instant alerts when it's time to take action, recently announced the launch of its newest software update, version 2.0. The company also announced its next webinar series to be held on November 1, 2012.

With today's volatile stock markets and the increasing economic uncertainties, having a fool-proof way to manage investments and stay on top of holdings has never been more critical.

Having a honed plan for stocks owned and knowing in advance what action to take protects users from those unexpected, emotionally-paralyzing situations that can cost users money and damage a portfolio's value.

TradeStops is a service that eliminates the “deer in the headlights” inability to make the right decisions. TradeStops also sends users timely alerts when it's the pre-determined time to buy or sell.

The 2.0 version of TradeStops offers intuitive design, updated features and provides a valuable new user interface.

Other new features include a position size calculator, a tool designed to help users find ideal position sizing – so they won't own too much or too little of any one stock.

The new position size calculator factors in the level of risk the users is comfortable with, the user's account size, the user's chosen stop-loss price or the percentage where the user wants to set the trailing stop that fits their investment objectives. Users can even set it to alert them when a stock they have wanted to own is at the right purchase price.

TradeStops 2.0 also offers a portfolio tracker, a tool to help investors accurately monitor the performance of their investments. It also gives investors the ability to see a snapshot of their current holdings while viewing their investment results.

Users will find a new “Research Tab” which will enable them to gain more insight and data before making a trade.

An improved charting feature will highlight an account's progress over time so users will be able to clearly visualize how it's performing.

As an added bonus, users will enjoy a new iPhone application, complimentary with each subscription. The app includes access to each user's account and the ability to track the progress of their portfolio.

Next Webinar Offered November 1, 2012

More than any other single factor, individual investors are hampered by the tendency to hold onto losers too long and sell winners too early. Trailing stops and position sizing are two very easy-to-understand tools that can have a huge impact on investing success. They can literally be the difference between success and failure. To detail both Trailing Stops and Position Sizing, TradeStops will offer two webinars on November 1, 2012 and 5pm and 7pm EDT.Sign up for the new webinar here.

About TradeStops

TradeStops was designed and developed in 2005 by Dr. Richard M. Smith, a PhD in mathematics and with an emphasis in mathematical systems theory.

Dr. Smith successfully applied his training, experience and technological skills to the financial markets with the goal of offering powerful yet easy-to use tools that help individual investors turn complex problems into simple solutions.

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