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NAPW New York City, NY Local Chapter Hosted Top Marketing and Branding Experts


National Association of Professional Women New York City, NY Local Chapter learned how to successfully launch a business from Marvin Berk and Geri Mazur.

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Members and guests of the NAPW New York City, NY Local Chapter gathered on October 15th for a professional networking meeting at The Ladders, 137 Varick Street in New York City. Meeting attendees had an opportunity to learn from marketing and branding experts Marvin Berk and Geri Mazur as the guest speakers discussed how to successfully launch, execute, and sustain an effective business.

The networking event was kicked off by the New York City, NY Local Chapter President Louise Newsome. As President for nearly two years, Louise has seen the Chapter grow to more than 800 members.

“I was once again so impressed by the turnout, especially since it was a rainy Monday evening,” said Louise. “Of the nearly 40 members in attendance, quite a few were new members and we welcome them all to the NAPW New York City, NY Local Chapter!”

Before introducing the guest speakers, Louise shared with the newest members some of the tools the Chapter uses to reach out and connect with members including the The Chapter Chatter, the monthly, online Chapter Newsletter and the Calendar of Events for the 2012-2013 year. Louise also introduced the Chapter Officers and Committee Heads that were in attendance and mentioned those who were not at the meeting.

Erika Ladanyi, the Chapter's Fundraising Committee Head briefly touched on the New York City, NY Local Chapter's fundraising event, the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event on October 21st.

“The team raised nearly $2,500 and is 20 walkers strong!” announced Erika.

Erika told members if anyone was interested in pairing up for future fundraisers to get in touch with her and she would be more than happy to assist.

Aida Khalaf-Parker, the Chapter Committee Co-head for the mentoring group, discussed the upcoming mentor meeting on Monday, October 22nd and encouraged everyone to attend. The New York City, NY Local Chapter President will be the guest speaker at that meeting.

Louise then introduced the two guest speakers, Geri Mazur and Marvin Berk, who discussed and emphasized the implementation of branding techniques and marketing strategies

“Geri began with some background information; her experience with large Fortune 500 companies and how she has now moved on to lending the same branding advice to small businesses,” said Louise.

Geri introduced the Building Blocks of Branding. She provided an overview of the importance of building your brand. Some important points on branding include: A brand has meaning; brands fulfill wants and desires; and brands have a clearly defined place in your mind (positioning). It is important to build a brand story through: Visual, Voice & Experience! In order to accomplish this, it's imperative to create a foundation, what differentiates one's business from others; who's the prospect (not everyone!) find a target audience; what's the benefit-what does this do to add value; what's the emotional payoff; and, lastly, what are they buying.

“The final equation you need to strive for when branding is ‘clarity + consistency = MEANING,'” Geri told the audience.

“Geri then opened the floor for questions before turning it over to Marvin who touched on the visual part of branding and the importance of consistency,” said Louise.

He discussed how important it is to focus on the logo, website, any collateral material, maintaining the consistency of appearance-fonts, colors, images-throughout each. Marvin explained how the reader of websites reads in an ‘F' formation, not left to right or right to left. Keep all important information within that ‘F' formation and you will reach your audience, he advised, and summed up by stating when selling a brand, it is like selling a dream, a hope, a love, a passion.

“People cannot hold a lot of information in their mind so keep it simple,” Marvin told the crowd.

Louise then reminded everyone that as mentioned in the Chapter's September newsletter, during the first meeting of every month a member will be chosen to be featured in the next month's Member Spotlight.

“Ramona Mitchell was chosen to be that member and will appear in the Spotlight during the month of November,” said Louise. “Congratulations Ramona, we look forward to getting to know you better through your Spotlight!”

Before adjourning the meeting, Louise reminded everyone that the November meeting has been rescheduled from the 13th to the 20th.

Members who attended the meeting included:

Kristine Arutyunyan; Rebecca Barker; Jane Bell ; Karen Booker ; Carole Fakler; Joana Fligueiras; Ruth Gantman; Lynnette Hare; Aileen Hosdaghian ; Marie Joseph; Aida Kahlaf-Parker; Tasha Scott; Janet Wright; Valerie Young; Randye Goldstein; Geri Mazur; Marvin Berk; Shirelle Sioui; Lillian Moss; Dianne Scott; Ruth Gantman; Jennifer Barckley; Amanda Karoline ;Deutschmann; Michelle Moukious; Augustine; Kristine Arutyunyan; Shantha Nair-Kalia; Shanyha Kalia; Rekha Krishnamurthi; Erika Ladanyi; Ramona Mitchell; Louise Newsome; Louise Nicholson; Nancy Palaia-Collier; Laura Ruben; Soossan Salmassi; and Janine Schindler.

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